Yard Tool Organizer for Garage – Heavy Duty Tool Storage Organizer & Utility Shelf for Yard Tools & Gardening Tools – Adjustable, Easy Assembly Wall Tool Rack, Shovel Holder, Broom Hanger, Tool Holde

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LOW-QUALITY GARAGE TOOL HANGER OPTIONS ARE OFTEN TOO WEAK to hold all your outdoor tools & landscaping tools, CREATING A SAFETY HAZARD with flimsy plastic anchors & hooks that THREATEN TO BREAK AT ANY MOMENT. OurCave’s Yardwork Bay is constructed of DURABLE POWDER-COATED STEEL, which is resistant to corrosion, cracking, peeling, scratching & chipping. With durable screws & anchors that remain securely attached, you can store your tools and take them down with confidence & ease.
THE AVERAGE WALL TOOL ORGANIZER REQUIRES YOU TO DRILL HOLES & DAMAGE YOUR WALL, only to COLLAPSE UNDER THE WEIGHT OF YOUR TOOLS & BRING THE WHOLE SETUP TUMBLING DOWN. Our tool & broom holder goes above & beyond typical garage wall storage, with a sturdy, freestanding frame that gives you THE OPTION TO NOT DRILL INTO YOUR WALL. Fully transportable, it includes a VARIETY OF RACKS & HOLDERS to safely & securely stow rakes, shovels, brooms, hedge trimmers, blowers & lawn tools.
USING A GARDEN TOOL ORGANIZER WITHOUT THE RIGHT SPACING IS FRUSTRATING – tools become CROWDED & TOUGH TO REMOVE, or won’t fit at all. We’ve designed the Yardwork Bay to be FULLY ADJUSTABLE, allowing you to customize & SPACE OUT HANGERS AS WIDELY AS YOU NEED, for hassle-free storage. And while other kits can take hours or even days to put together, our kit fits together securely like pieces of a simple puzzle – NO TOOLS NEEDED! Includes DIAGRAM INSTRUCTIONS to make assembly fast & easy.
THE YARDWORK BAY IS JUST 1 PART OF OUR MODULAR, 10-KIT GARAGE STORAGE SYSTEM, designed to create an efficient storage & activity area in the most underrated part of the house – the garage! STORAGE SOLUTIONS FOR ANYTHING & EVERYTHING: bikes, camping equipment, climbing & hiking gear, snowboards, skis, skateboards, helmets, lawn & garden tools, electronics, DIY crafts, toys & more! Features INTERCHANGEABLE SHELVING & GARAGE TOOL RACK OPTIONS to CUSTOMIZE your broom holder wall mount.
AT OURCAVE, OUR GOAL IS TO HELP TRANSFORM YOUR GARAGE INTO A BEAUTIFUL, ORGANIZED FAMILY LIVING SPACE FULL OF FUN POSSIBILITIES – and READY FOR EVERY ADVENTURE. Founded by two avid bicyclist brothers, OurCave combines a passion for adventure w/ streamlined design, for INTUITIVE GARAGE FURNITURE you can tailor to your family's needs. We DONATE 50% of unused profits to charities around the world. If you aren’t satisfied with your tool hangers for garage wall, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY.

The ultimate garage garden tool rack & lawn tool organizer for yard equipment & gardening supplies! Unlike low-grade broom rack & garden tool holder systems with weak garage hooks and hangers, OurCave’s Yardwork Bay is made of heavy duty powder-coated steel, with sturdy garage organizer anchors & screws to secure your tools. Designed to assemble seamlessly with no tools required, our adjustable garage tool organizer lets you space out tools & avoid overcrowding. Includes a variety of garage hook holders & garage racks. Our garden tool storage rack comes with its own freestanding frame, giving you the option to not drill into your garage wall! Easy diagram instructions for quick assembly. The Yardwork Bay set includes: -Durable steel frame (35.4” x 94.5” w/ optional 106.25” extension) -8 double-prong tool holders for garages -2 five-prong stacked tool holder arms -2 heavy duty shelves for garage storage -Base tool shelf (17.7” x 35.4”) The Yardwork Bay is just 1 part of OurCave’s garage tool storage system, a 10-kit modular collection designed to create an efficient storage & activity area in your garage! Tool organization & storage solutions for everything in your garage. With our interchangeable garage shelving & rack pieces, you can design a custom storage system. At OurCave, our goal is to transform your garage into a beautiful, organized living space full of fun possibilities – and ready for every adventure. Founded by two avid bicyclist brothers, OurCave combines a passion for adventure with streamlined design, for intuitive garage organization and storage. We donate 50% of unused profits to charities around the world. If you aren’t satisfied with your broom organizer wall mount, please contact us directly.

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