LED Safety Light (2 Pack) + FREE Bonuses | Clip On Strobe/Running Lights for Runners, Dogs, Bike, Walking | The Best High Visibility Accessories for Your Reflective Gear, Bicycle etc | 1 Year Warranty

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Exceptional design slim lightweight compact super bright set safety lights with eye-catching lighting modes steady slow flash aka strobe fast industry leading batteries included battery life hours beyond weighing measuring inches won't even know you're wearing them yet seen motorists safe distance

New bonuses added includes extra batteries sets short hook loop fasteners mounting lights dog collars leashes bikes strollers more long elastic strap inches ankles wrists arms etc mini-screwdriver hassle-free battery replacement process

Easy clips easily stays securely hook lights onto belt pockets running gear reflective vest backpack helmet dog collars leashes anywhere else clothing

Versatile whether enjoy running walking cycling just taking peaceful stroll with dog night these ultra-bright safety lights will keep safe secure mandatory piece equipment any low-light activity great addition outdoor- reflective gear

Weather resistant rain shine summer winter ndash any condition time enjoy enhanced visibility comfort knowing you'll safe secure day

Money back guarantee order now with peace mind risk purchase backed exclusive year warranty day catches either love product entitled refund scroll down more info

Apace vision led safety lights -pack know several thousands pedestrians cyclists killed every year traffic afford seen many these accidents have been completely avoided just wearing simple high visibility accessories such pair designed getting attention motorists safe distance offers perfect amount light keep anywhere anytime features benefits ultra bright leds powerful per device stay-put clip attachable any clothing accessory lightning modes steady strobe accessible click illumination with replaceable batteries weather resistant versatile essential tool outdoor activity enjoy wide range activities hassle-free including limited running jogging walking dog cycling motorbiking inside package extra hook loop fasteners mini-screwdriver you're going love that's offering full warranty day money back guarantee order today offer valid time now avail introductory sale price