1-bike Wall & Ceiling Hook

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A simple and versatile bike support.



Diameter: 94mm Depth: 128mm Maximum space for wheel: 90mm Space between the two mounting screws: 85mm

Our advice for mounting your hook:

Before attaching your bike storage hook, remember to allow enough space between your ceiling and hook (around a half-wheel of space) to easily hook and unhook your bike. Adapt the hardware (wall plugs and screws) according to the type of wall and ask a professional for advice if needed.


You can install your hook on the wall or ceiling in 2 different ways: - Perpendicular to the wall (with the two pre-drilled holes vertical), for storing the bike with tyres pressed against the wall - Vertically (with the mounting holes horizontal), for storing your bike parallel to the wall


We recommend checking the type of wall (solid wall, plasterboard, brick, etc.) to ensure you have the right screws and wall plugs. For example: On a solid wall, we recommend using 40mm wall plugs and PZ 2 screws with dimensions of minimum 5mm x 60mm.





Benefit from better storage for your bike thanks to this simple, versatile bike hook!



Our design team created this hook for you to easily store your bike suspended from the wall or ceiling.