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Many people move to Kansas City every year because it makes them feel like they belong. From Royals baseball games to the many festivals and outdoor concerts, there's always something to do in the city.

If you want to get the most out of your future life in Kansas City, you'll want to look to residential areas for the hidden gems locals get to enjoy. Read these 50 fun facts about Kansas City to discover where you might want to live and which places have what you're looking for in your next hometown.
1. Brookside Park

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Brookside Park is a charming spot outside Kansas City where you can tour numerous homes. Depending on what you want in your future house, you can find small homes with wide front porches or two-story houses made for families.
Five fun facts about Brookside Park The Brookside Art Annual is a collective art show that hosts more than 70,000 visitors every year in the downtown area Brookside is famous for featuring distinctive paint jobs, making every house a work of art The district hosts the John Wornall House Museum, which is a historic Civil War home that once functioned as a field hospital and now provides daytime and ghost tours The Aixois Bistro serves traditional and creative French food that stands out from the surrounding Southern-style restaurants in the area Avenues Bistro is famous for serving food from around the world, pairing each meal with an extensive selection of fine wine 2. Country Club Plaza

Country Club Plaza is a refined neighborhood just outside all the local attractions, so you can get away from the busy city when you want to hang out at home.
Five fun facts about Country Club Plaza More than 16 million people visit the Country Club Plaza each year During Christmas, the plaza features 80 miles of lights in a 15-block radius Most of the plaza's architecture models residential building styles from Spain The Kansas City Repertory Theatre has inspired many New York Broadway shows. TIME magazine named it the best place in America to see a musical in 2010. Three Dog Bakery began in the Country Club Plaza and now sells specialized dog bakery treats in locations around the world 3. Crossroads

Crossroads sits just off to the side of the main downtown area in Kansas City. It's known as the city's most creative district and attracts more artists every year. Along with living in one of the residential condo buildings, you can enjoy the area's many specialty shops and performing arts shows.
Five fun facts about Crossroads Buttonwood Art Space is one of the few Kanas City art galleries to give back to the community by donating portions of every sale to local nonprofit charities Crossroads holds First Fridays every month, which is a tradition that began back in 2001 at the Dolphin Gallery Double Shift Brewing in Crossroads began as a second job started by a local firefighter and is now one of the district's most popular brewing companies The Crossroads Hotel houses guests in the two remaining buildings of former notorious crime boss John F. Lazia, who became infamous for participating in the Union Station Massacre in 1933, among other crimes Internationally renowned architect Moshe Safdie built the Kauffman Center in 2006 4. Downtown Kansas City

Most downtown neighborhoods fit within a couple of blocks or streets, but you'll have plenty of luxury apartments and condos to choose from in the downtown Kansas City area. It's a diverse, bustling cultural region full of young people looking to mingle and focus on their careers. Immerse yourself in the "new arts" culture and enjoy the affordable cost of living in even the most expensive residential buildings.
Five fun facts about Downtown Kansas City Congress designated the downtown National WWI Museum and Memorial as the first official WWI museum in 2004 Swope Park has more than twice the acres of Central Park in New York City The city dove into jazz during the 1920s Prohibition era, so downtown jazz establishments like Green Lady Lounge and the Blue Room still exist Kansas City was the place Walt Disney began his first animation studio, the Laugh-O-Gram Studio There are more than 25 universities in the downtown Kansas City area, which is more than most major cities in the U.S. 5. Northland

Source: Northland Passage
Located just outside the north side of the city, Northland is where you can find sprawling trees and spacious neighborhoods within driving distance of Kansas City. It has plenty of parks and trails, plus a thriving nightlife, thanks to the Harrah's Kansas City casino hotel.
Five fun facts about Northland Northland welcomed the first riverboat casinos in the state of Missouri The Screenland Theatre used the marquee from the Isis Theatre as their sign, which once advertised the first showings of Walt Disney's earliest cartoons Northland is home to the United Federation of Doll Clubs' Doll Museum, which houses the largest doll collection in the world Stroud's Restaurant opened in 1933 and is now internationally known for its pan-fried chicken The Macabre Cinema Haunted House cast acts out famous horror movie scenes on real sets 6. Plaza Westport

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The Plaza Westport is another place to consider moving to within Kansas City. People flock to the district for its trendy activities and creative vibe. Modern residential buildings feature older architectural styles to set the community apart from the rest.
Five fun facts about Plaza Westport The Plaza Westport's Boulevard Brewery is the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest Trainwreck Saloon is the only restaurant in Missouri with live music in a saloon straight out of a classic cowboy movie The Thomas Hart Benton Home allows people to tour the grounds and discover more about the life of the man at the front of the Regionalist art movement in the early 1900s Roanoke Park began in 1901 and has since grown to include 37 acres Westport is the oldest neighborhood in Kansas City because it was originally the westernmost village to provide settlers with supplies before they entered Kansas Territory 7. River Market

Source: Market Station
Some people love living in the heart of a city. There's no denying the breathtaking views of a lit skyline at night or the ease of walking a few blocks to your favorite restaurant or store. If you want to live somewhere with a busy city vibe, you should check out River Market.

As its name indicates, this neighborhood sits right on the Missouri River on the edge of downtown Kansas City. Lofts, condos and apartments await you, but what else makes people fall in love with the area? These facts are just the start of what you'll discover.
Five fun facts about River Market The average renter can find a River Market apartment for $1,100 The district's City Market is the region's largest farmers' market The Kansas City Streetcar runs through the area, connecting all the downtown neighborhoods River Market hosts The Farmhouse, which is a restaurant that only buys food from local farmers Locals walk the Riverfront Heritage Trail, which is a 15-mile bike and pedestrian pathway 8. Quality Hill

Source: Quality Hill Square
People move to the historic district of Quality Hill because of its modern lofts and array of job opportunities. It's in the heart of Kansas City, so everything's nearby. The area's also close to a park where you can stroll or toss a baseball.
Five fun facts about Quality Hill The "Corps of Discovery" Lewis and Clark statue is the only Missouri statue to feature an enslaved person, Meriwether Lewis' companion, York Two of the city's biggest employers have their headquarters in Quality Hill — Kansas City Southern Industries and DST Systems Architect Bernard Donnelly built the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in 1857 at the highest point in the city, at 250 feet above sea level Johnny's Tavern still serves the famous burger recipe that launched the restaurant chain in 1910 The Quality Hill Playhouse produces both Broadway and off-Broadway shows year-round 9. West Plaza

Source: Infinity at Plaza West
West Plaza (not to be confused with Plaza Westport, although right next door) is a neighborhood full of young people. It sits near two college campuses, just south of downtown Kansas City. Find a rental home, condo or luxury apartment, all within the same neighborhood.
Five fun facts about West Plaza West Plaza is a short walk away from the Kansas City Zoo, which spans 202 nature sanctuary acres and introduces people of all ages to animals and cultures from around the world The Battle of Westport museum contains artifacts and pictures from the deciding 1864 battle in the Civil War The neighborhood is vibrant with cultures from Sweden, Russian and Native American communities Locals attend yearly events in Westwood Park, which community leaders founded in 1948 as a place for families, dogs and Kansas City residents to stretch their legs and have fun The yearly Art in the Park festival encourages visitors from all over to see local art and meet West Plaza artists and creators 10. Willow Creek

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Anyone looking for a peaceful place to live outside of a busy city should check out Willow Creek. People of all ages move there for spacious neighborhoods, an array of townhomes and fun events.
Five fun facts about Willow Creek LaMar's Donuts serves 17.9 million doughnuts per year at only 25 locations, including the one in Willow Creek Spanky's Card Shop has been the top collectible card shop in the gaming industry for more than 25 years The Indian Creek Greenway has 50 acres of disc golf trails that challenge even the best players Willow Creek is near the Alexander Major House, which is one of the last four antebellum houses that still stand in Kansas City The nearby Kansas City Library Waldo Branch is the busiest library branch in the county, hosting events for people of all ages Figure out what you want
Decide what you desire from your future neighborhood, and you'll soon know which Kansas City area is right for you. Whether you want to live in an artsy district, a downtown street or a quiet enclave, you can find the perfect place to live in Kansas City.

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