Why You Need To Add Hooks In Your Mudroom To Keep It Organized

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I am sure you have heard the use of the word “mudroom”. But what actually is a mudroom? Do you already have one? Do you really need one? I am breaking down everything you need to know about mudrooms, and why you probably should add more hooks to help keep the space organized.

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Mudroom, What Is It?

Mudroom what is it? Great question!

A mudroom is any area of your home that holds all of your jackets, coats, shoes, and outdoor items. It can be a closet, cubbies, garage, or corner that collects those items.

Some people call them drop zones as well.

The term “mud room” comes from an area of the home that was where you dropped your muddy shoes and jackets.

Since then, the term has still been used to describe the place that you store those particular items…but not as muddy!

Why You Need A Designated Mudroom

A designated mudroom or drop zone is important for you to keep your jackets, coats, shoes, and backpacks organized. When they have a specific place to go, they won’t get lost around the house.

How Hooks Can Help You Organize

One thing I have noticed is that most mudrooms don’t have enough hooks to hold all the things that are to be stored in the space.

Most builders put in the bare minimum hooks. Which isn’t really useful when you have a house full of people.

So ensuring you have enough hooks is key to keeping your mudroom organized.

But how can you do that?

DIY Hooks Without Using A Drill

I am a huge believer in creating a space you love with little to no effort.

That is why I love the EasyMount hooks from Duck Brand. Seriously, I have them all over the house.

Start by deciding where hooks would make sense in your mudroom. Mark that spot off with a pencil.

Open the EasyMount kit.

Use the level included to make sure the basic mount is straight.

Use the tacks to secure the mount into place.

Secure the hook and hang your items!

In our mudroom, I have added hooks to hold up our cleaning supplies, bags, backpacks, and other items that would have just landed on the ground.

When you add more hooks to your space, you ensure that everything has a space to go. So nothing stays on the floor. Which is what causes clutter. And makes your mudroom disorganized.

When nothing is left on the floor, your brain will want to find a logical spot for it. And hooks are a great logical spot to hang your things.

I have also used the EasyMount hooks in our garage to hang up scooters and bike helmets. Because that can get cluttered too!

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