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blooming flowers near crested butte

Plan An RV Trip To See Blooming Spring Flowers

One of the best parts of spring is all the blooming flowers that appear. Depending on where you are, you can spot some gorgeous seasonal blooms. There are even annual events that focus on flowers all over the country, like the Holland Tulip Festival in Michigan or the Cherry Blossom Festival in NYC. But if you’re in the mood for a spring road trip where you can admire some flowers, there are a few destinations you should put on your bucket list.

Of course, you can see at least a few lovely wildflowers anywhere you go, but there are a few hotspots that showcase a wide variety of species. The spring months are usually the best time to travel if you want to enjoy new flowers, but some of these will continue to bloom into the summer as well.

Below we have some great destinations that have blooming flowers every spring. Many of these areas are large, so you can spread out and enjoy the blossoms in a variety of locations.

Check out hikes and nature trails in each spot, and make sure you stop and smell the roses (or wildflowers as the case may be!) Best of all, a lot of these places are also close to wonderful RV parks and campgrounds.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte has been crowned the Wildflower Capital of Colorado, and it’s easy to see why! More than 50 different species bloom here every year, including the Columbine (which is the state flower). Although several blossoms appear in the spring, more and more show up throughout the year.

In mid-July, this area hosts an annual wildflower festival where guests can take guided tours, learn about the local wildlife, attend classes and workshops, and have a great time with family. Colorado is wonderful for hiking and exploring, so put this destination at the top of your list. Flower species here include fleabane, elephantella, Aspen sunflowers, larspur, king’s crown, blue flax, and more.

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Biltmore Blooms, North Carolina

North Carolina has long been a destination for RVers who want to escape the colder parts of the country. But once spring arrives, this state is also full of gorgeous blooming flowers. Some of these start blooming as early as February. A highlight in this state is Biltmore Blooms, which is an annual festival that takes place in the city of Asheville.

It’s a wonderfully romantic event, and all the flowers have been well manicured and arranged for maximum effect. These gardens are the city’s pride and joy, and it really is a sight to behold once they’re all in bloom. If you visit this destination, you might see species such as winter jasmine, witch hazel, spirea, forsythia, tulips, and much more.

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Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

If you’re looking for a huge variety of different species, Shenandoah National Park should definitely be on your list. More than 860 types of flowers are native to this area. This is because the park has several rivers and waterfalls, and these lush conditions have made it into a paradise for plants. You can enjoy tons of interesting flowers when you walk the trails of Shenandoah.

Another great benefit of this destination is the sheer scale of the park. Some wildflowers are confined to small areas, and you have to compete with crowds to enjoy them. But here, there is life around every corner! A few of the species here include hepatica, bloodroot, violets, wild geraniums, pink lady’s slippers, azaleas, goldenrods, and wild sunflowers.

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Cranberry Glades Botanical Area, West Virginia

Cranberry Glades is nestled within the larger Monongahela National Forest. These wetlands provide a sanctuary for a wide variety of plants and animals. As the name might suggest, cranberries grow in this area, but they’re not the only things that thrive in bogs.

Wildflowers of all shapes and sizes bloom here in the warmer seasons. There are even some carnivorous plants here, such as the sundew and the pitcher plant. Some of the most interesting wildflower species in this region include the grass pink orchid, the greater purple fringed orchid, columbine, aster, oxeeye daisy, bee balm, and blazing star.

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Carrizo Plain National Monument, California

California is a paradise for RVers and wildflower enthusiasts alike. If these two terms describe you, you’ll love all the opportunities to spot gorgeous blooming flowers. This state has lots of wildflower destinations, but one of the most noteworthy is the Carrizo Plain National Monument.

The rolling hills in this area erupt into vibrant colors during the warmer months of the year. Yellow and purple stretches as far as the eye can see, but there are other flowers dotted throughout the mix. This is a gorgeous and peaceful place to visit, and it has flowers like desert gold, golden evening primrose, gravel ghost, desert paintbrush, indigo bush, and purple sage.

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Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

One of the most gorgeous destinations in Washington is Mount Rainier. It gives a perfect cross section of forests, meadows, mountains, and water features. But you can also find seasonal wildflowers dotted among the more permanent plants.

Although there are always a few plants in bloom, the main season for wildflowers is usually in late July or early August. Take a hike around this region and keep your eye open for colorful petals.

Some species that can be found at Mount Rainier include candyflower, inside-out flower, false bugbane, gnome plant, fairy slipper, wild ginger, alpine aster, tall bluebells, glacier lily, and so much more!

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Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

All the way across the country, New Hampshire also has some lovely flowers to offer. Sugar Hill is a small and charming New England town, and it boasts some of the most beautiful blooming flowers you’ll ever see. Lupines are the specialty in this area, and they come in shades of blue, purple, pink, and white.

The town even holds a festival to celebrate these lovely, tall wildflowers. This isn’t the best place to go if you want to see a variety of flowers, but you’ll certainly get your fill of lupines! But if you keep your eyes open, you might also see species like the whorled wood aster, blue toadflax, black medick, and white avens.

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Fort Pierre National Grassland, South Dakota

Although it’s not always a popular tourist destination, South Dakota has some truly stunning views and plenty of wildflowers to enjoy. A wide variety of species thrive in the Fort Pierre National Grassland, and visitors will have a huge area to explore.

Road travel is limited within the park itself, so make sure you bring some good walking shoes and maybe a bike to help you truly appreciate the layout. Wildlife runs free here, so you might be able to spot jackrabbits, burrowing owls, prairie dogs, and more. In terms of wildflowers, keep your eyes open to see species like bluebell, prairie clover, Eastern red columbine, purple coneflower, blue flax, and more.

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