When you think of a relaxing getaway, you probably think of yourself on a tropical island with a cocktail in hand and the sun in your eyes.

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Island vacations can be some of the most relaxing and fulfilling trips you’ll ever take, but there are a lot of islands out there competing for your attention. Planning a vacation is no small task, and it’s certainly not cheap, either, so you’ll want to make the most of your island retreat. 

To help with this, we’ve put together a list of some of the most beautiful, fulfilling islands to visit in the future. Read on to learn more. 

Image Source: TahitiPalawan, Philippines

Palawan could not be better defined than by the water that surrounds it. With its seascapes that rival any found in Southeast Asia, as well as its aquatic and terrestrial wildlife, the most beguiling region of the Philippines also happens to be its most enchanting. We are, of course, talking about the beautiful island of Palawan. 

Image Source: The Crazy Tourist
Although it has become popular in the world of travel media over the last few years, the hordes of tourists have yet to descend upon the island, and the Amazonian interior of the main island remains largely untouched. 

Coron and El Nido, two northern towns that are the starting points for many island adventures, are starting to attract large tourist crowds, however. 

Milos, Greece

The volcanic island of Milos is arched around a central caldera, and it features a dramatic coastal ringed landscape that boasts surreal, vivid rock formations. 

The most celebrated export of the island, the Venus de Milo, is quite far away, hidden in the Louvre. However, the plethora of beaches and idyllic villages make Milos one of the most magnetic islands in the world.

Image Source: Wall Street International Magazine
The island boasts an enchanting history of mineral extraction that dates from the Neolithic period when obsidian was exported to Crete. 

These days, Milos is the largest source of perlite and bentonite in the EU. 

Rental vehicles are not allowed in a portion of the western part of the island due to bad roads and the Milos viper. Beaches, however, can be reached via boat tours. 

Sri Lanka

Ancient ruins, endless beaches, crowds of elephants, friendly locals, and cheap prices are just a few of the things that makes Sri Lanka irresistible. 

Some might say that Sri Lanka has been hiding in plain sight all this time thanks to its years of uncertainty, but things are changing. The country is quickly becoming an extremely popular tourist destination. 

Image Source: Lapurka
When you grow bored of the tropical lowland and coastal climates (which will take you a while), you can head for the vividly green hills. You’ll see rainforests peaks and verdant tea plantations. These things can be seen up close and on-foot or from the majestic view of a train. 

Paros, Greece

Not to be confused with Paris, France, Paros is a hilly, large, fertile island that has been mostly a hub for ferries for quite some time. 

However, its busy capital, with its ancient remains, is an incredible tourist destination. There’s a lot to do there, including great walks, great food, and breathtaking diving opportunities. 

Image Source: Going Awesome Places
In terms of geology, Paros has been a star of Greece. White marble, which is drawn from the interior of the island, has made Paros prosperous ever since the Early Cycladic period. 

In fact, the famous Venus de Milo was carved from the Parian white marble, as well as the tomb of Napoleon himself. 


Mark Twain once wrote that Mauritius came before heaven and that the latter is a copy of the former. 

The island is known for its white beaches, azure waters, and resorts of the highest quality. There is so much more to love about Mauritius than just its beaches, and it’s the sort of place that rewards even minuscule exploration attempts. 

Image Source: The Telegraph
You can hike in the mountainous and forested interior or experience world-class snorkeling and diving off the shore. 

Also, you can indulge in a boat trip to one of the gorgeous islets and take a trip to the botanical gardens and colonial-era plantation houses. For the foodies, the cuisine of Mauritius is unmatched. 


Tucked away in the eastern part of the Caribbean is the intriguing, inviting, and incomparable island of Anguilla. 

It’s fringed by white beaches that are littered with sea-grape trees and coconut palms, and it is populated with open-sided, colorful beach bars that serve refreshing drinks and saucy barbecues. 

Image Source: Caribbean Journal
The rich history of the island dates back to the Arawak and Amerindians settlement, and incredible rock art is still being discovered today. 

Unlike many of the islands nearby, Anguilla’s flat terrain makes it a breeze to get around by bike or car. 

Sicily, Italy

Bewitchingly beautiful and perfectly placed in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily has drawn in passersby since time immemorial. 

From Virgil to Homer, the land of the Cyclops has been poetically praised, and rightly so – there are few destinations in the world that are quite as breathtaking as this Italian gem. 

Image Source: Escape
The varied landscape of the island makes for quite a dramatic first impression. 

The juxtaposition of mountain, volcano, and sea scenery is the perfect backdrop for all of your outdoor excursions, and we’re sure you’ll be having a lot of them. 

Sicily has more than enough offshore islands with enough activities to fill up your vacation itinerary. 

Azores, Portugal

The remote archipelago of Azores is bursting with adventures just waiting to be had, and many consider the island to be the Hawaii of the mid-Atlantic. 

Watch the whales, sail, dive, hike, and canoe your way around this incredible island, all while enjoying fruity drinks and delectable foods. 

Image Source: ABC News
Azores features two of the 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Portugal, which are a must-see if you choose to visit the islands. 

With the airline industry becoming more liberal and making the island more accessible than it’s ever been, we’d be shocked if you didn’t spend at least one of your vacations here. 

Maui, Hawaii

It would simply be criminal of us not to include a Hawaiian destination on this list. 

When it comes to fun in the outdoors, Maui takes the cake – especially when you take into account the zipline that launches you into a green canopy. This is an island destination that simply cannot be missed. 

Image Source: Pride of Maui
Maui boasts a natural beauty that many other islands in the world could only hope to achieve. 

Just when you think you’ve seen all there is to see on the island, a breathtaking view will catch you by surprise and leave you speechless. That’s the beauty of this island – there’s always more to be seen. 

Crete, Greece

Next, we have another Greek entry, this time taking the form of the gorgeous island of Crete. 

There is something so artistic in the way that this island’s landscape rolls before your eyes, from the beaches that bake in the sun in the north to the southern coast that is lined in cliffs and carved in caves. 

Image Source: Matt Barrett’s Greece Travel Guide
The natural beauty of the island is only matched by its rich history. The first advanced European society was born here, and they ruled 4,000 years ago. 

Moreover, if you’re a lover of food, you’re going to experience the closest thing to heaven in Crete thanks to the rural tavernas that can be found all over the island. 

Bali, Indonesia

The diverse, rich culture of Bali can be found at all levels of island life. The island’s focal point is the ominous series of volcanoes found in the central mountains, as well as the temples in the hills. 

You can lose yourself in the bustling life of the island, and we guarantee that you’re going to want to. 

Image Source: Lonely Planet
Sure, Bali has all the typical island activities, like diving, surfing, and beaches, but the essence of the island is what makes it so much more than a simple island retreat. 

The locals are genuine, warm, and generous, and they also have a sly sense of humor that will make you feel welcome the moment you land. 

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania revels in its isolation with sensational cuisine and incredible festivals, and the island packs plenty of events into its calendar. 

There’s always something to do, no matter what time of year you decide to go, but we recommend going in Australian summer when the weather is warmest and most inviting. 

Image Source: Wilderness Travel
Tasmania will exceed even the highest expectations of natural beauty you may have. 

There are plenty of hiking opportunities for any level of water, ranging from several-day epic walks with no one else in sight to forest trails punctuated by breathtaking waterfalls. 

Ischia, Italy

Ischia’s volcanic outcrop is the largest and most developed of the islands found in the Bay of Naples. Today, the destination is revered for its manicured gardens, thermal spas, straightforward Italian air, and more. 

Image Source: Caremar
Most travelers to the island head directly for the coastal town, but there’s also a calmer coast to the south with plenty to do while still being very relaxing. 

If you would like to see more places that will spark your wanderlust, we have some great suggestions.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora looks and feels like a place from your dreams. 

The stunning palette of indigo, sapphire, and turquoise will mesmerize you, especially when taken in combination with the abstractions of modern art that can be found around the island. 

Image Source: Marriott
Unsurprisingly, Bora Bora is a popular destination for honeymoons. The great thing about the island is that you get to experience both relaxed days bathing in the sun and adventures packed with action.

However, don’t expect the nightlife to be thriving – Bora Bora is a place you go to relax. 

Kauai, Hawaii

Finally, we have Kauai. With its fantastic list of adventures, you’ll never struggle to find something to do in Kauai. 

You can explore the vast mountains and forests or take a dip in the cool waters to refresh yourself after hours spent lying in the sun. Plus, the sounds of the wildlife will lull you to sleep at night. 

Image Source: Round the World in 30 Days
There’s not a single town on the island with a population greater than 10,000, and by law, not one building is taller than a coconut tree. 

Be prepared to walk, too, because you’re not going to be able to get past the coast in your car. 

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