What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

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After a motorcycle accident, you may not be sure what to do. We developed this checklist to help you know what next steps to take after a motorcycle accident.

Check to Make Sure Everyone is Okay

Right after an accident, the first thing you should do is check on the other people involved in the crash if you are able. If youre not able to check on the others involved, be sure to call for help.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Remain Calm & Cooperative

One of the most important things you can do after a motorcycle accident is to remain calm. There may be loud noises, injuries, and strangers around that could easily put you into a chaotic state of mind.

Instead of falling victim to chaos, slow down your breathing, take a moment, and remain calm. If others come to help you or you are helping others, be cooperative, caring, and respectful.

Call for Medical Care

You should always seek medical care after an accident. Often times a passerby will call 911 if they witness an accident, but if you are alone or the other person involved in the accident is unable to call, you should call for medical help.

Remember, its better to get checked out even if you dont believe you are seriously injured.

Move Vehicles Away from Oncoming Traffic

After taking photos as quickly as you can, be sure to move your motorcycle and any other vehicles involved in the accident away from the road.

Take Photos of the Accident

If you are able, take photos of the accident as soon as you can. Note any damage to your motorcycle, as well as any injuries you may have suffered during the accident.

Youll also want to gather information about the make, model, and any other relevant information about the vehicles involved in the accident. This is extremely important for hit and run accidents as it will help law enforcement track down the culprit.

Even if you are unable to get photos of the accident at the time of the accident, the local authorities should document the accident and have a statement available to you.

Give a Statement

Never leave the scene until law enforcement has arrived and taken your statement. Your side of the story is needed to understand what happened prior to, during, and after the crash.

Get Insurance Information & Call Your Agent

Once everyone is safe and out of the road, its time to get contact and insurance information from everyone involved. Youll need this information to file a claim later to cover the damages to your motorcycle.

Be sure to take the time to call your insurance agent at some point to give them the details of the accident. Its always best if you can get your information in before a claim is filed on your insurance to ensure that all the details will be entered into your case file.

Never Admit Fault

Even if the wreck is your fault, you should never come out and say it until you have talked to an attorney. This will help you later on in case others involved in the accident file a lawsuit or vice versa.

Talk to an Attorney

If you are injured or your motorcycle is seriously damaged, you should call an attorney about other options you may have to recoup your losses or pay for your medical bills. An attorney can help you file a claim and give you more details about lawsuits such as a personal injury lawsuit.

Keep All Bills and Expenses on File

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident is not only damaging to your bike, but it may result in financial loss and injury. Any bills or expenses related to the accident should be kept on file until you speak with your attorney.

From doctor visits, prescriptions, to any repairs your motorcycle needs, youll need to store hardcopy receipts somewhere safe in case you need to revisit those numbers at a later date.

Tips for Preventing a Motorcycle Accident

Before we go, if youve been in a motorcycle accident or ride your motorcycle regularly, we wanted to share a handful of tips to avoid an accident in the future.

  • Always wear protective gear like a helmet and thick, long clothing.
  • Obey all driving signs and laws.
  • Adjust how you ride your motorcycle based on the weather.
  • Always stay vigilant and avoid situations that are not suited for your skill level.

Have Questions About Your Motorcycle Accident?

If youve been in a motorcycle accident and have questions about what you should do, expect, and how to handle the situation, take the time to find a knowledgable lawyer near you to help you understand the next steps.

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