We can all agree that skateboarding is not the safest sport out there

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There could be scenarios where things may not go according to the plan, and you can tumble over and injure yourself. Therefore, it is essential to put on all the protective gear. One of such gear is a wrist guard that most of the skateboarders neglect. It can not only protect you from cuts when you tumble over, but it is also going to protect your wrists from getting twisted. Check out such top 10 best wrist guards for skateboarding below.
Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding: Buying Guide and Review

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10. LALATECH Skiing Handguards

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Having an ergonomic design, these gloves come with the perfect shape of the hands. They are flexible and comfortable to wear while going for skateboarding. The breathable and soft material does not cause sweating in the hands while playing water sports such as roller skating, skateboarding, and others. These skin-friendly gloves protect your wrist and palms.

There is a flexible Velcro strap for ideal fitting. Further, these gloves have a thumb hole for comfortable wear. Apart from that, these gloves have a high-quality foam cushion to support your palms while playing different water sports. You can wear these skating gloves in any type of weather condition. Additionally, your hands will stay fresh and not smell bad even after many hours by wearing these gloves.
Pros Perfect fit due to multiple sizes availability. Breathable design for user comfort. Absorbs impact and 360-degree protection. Cons It is a relatively new product. 9. Wrist Guards by Soared

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If you love water sports, it is necessary to purchase a pair of good wrist guards. They protect your hands from water, sun rays, and snow. These are one of the best gloves for skateboarding you can buy. They have amazing fitting and design. Further, there is a nice plastic splint to protect your hands.

Containing a soft cushion, these gloves provide extra comfort to the hands. They include rich quality fabric that does not cause sweating in the hands and keeps them cool and dry. You can carry these gloves while going for skateboarding, skiing, and other water sports. These wrist guards are very simple to wear and come with exact fitting. Your hands will not pain or get wounded while playing different water sports.
Pros Adjustable design for a custom fit. Wide application and lycra mesh fabric. Full protection due to molle design. Cons There is no con as such. 8. Andux Wrist Palms Protection

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These gloves include plastic splint for the protection of your palms and back. They also have hook and loop closure to wear and take off anytime. You can enjoy skateboarding by wearing these gloves. They do not hurt your palms and hands or cause injuries. There is a big thumb hole to relax your thumb while playing skateboarding and skiing.

In addition to that, you can easily move your hands by wearing these rich quality gloves. The superior quality material protects your hands from sweating and cold. Even if you play water sports for many hours, these gloves do not hurt the hands. Besides that, the solid construction of these gloves extends their life, and you can enjoy taking them anywhere in travel bags.
Pros Better flexibility with an adjustable hook. Available in multiple sizes. Solid construction for long-lasting use. Cons Turning wrist becomes slightly difficult. 7. CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard

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These gloves look smart while going for skateboarding and skiing. They are comfortable with any size of hands. Apart from skateboarding, you can wear these wrist guards while driving a bike or weight lifting. There are tough pads which give relaxation to your palms and wrists. They are flexible straps to get an ideal fitting on the hands.

In addition to that, your hands will not swell or pain when you wear them during skateboarding and skiing. Furthermore, these gloves are for males as well as females. You can conveniently move your hands in these gloves. They absorb sweat and rainwater from the hands in an easy manner. The Velcro straps help to adjust these gloves according to your comfort.
Pros Special design and adjustable strap. Velcro straps to provide perfect fit. Offers a better support and full range movement. Cons There is no con as such. 6. 187 Killer Unisex Wrist Guards

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Having superior quality pads, these gloves are comfortable for hands. They contain rich quality material which protects your hands from sweat, rainwater, dust, and snow. Further, the large thumb hole makes it easy for you to put your hands in these gloves and wear them. The stunning angled design keeps your hands in the proper position.

Additionally, the stitching of these wrist guards is so nice that they remain good for a long period. Apart from that, the soft and skin-friendly cushion of the gloves makes you feel relaxed while skateboarding or riding a bike on the mountain. These are one of the best gloves you must purchase if you are an adventure lover or water sports lover.
Pros Angled design for a custom fit. Comfortable fit due to the padded interior. Enhanced durability with double stitching. Cons The durability is questionable. 5. Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsaver II

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These smart gloves have a perfect fitting for any size of hands. They have an amazing design which makes it easy for you to put on your wrist. Further, the high-quality nylon mesh body protects your hands from UV rays, rainwater, and snow. There is only one strap to adjust the gloves according to your comfort.

The fine quality material will not cause sweating in the hands. To provide nice support, there are splints on both the front and backside of the gloves. When you go for skateboarding, skiing, or any other water sports, these wrist guards do not hurt or cause pain to the hands. They are lightweight, and you can carry them in a backpack or travel bags.
Pros Unique design for easy access. High performance with shock-absorbing foam. Resistant to impact and wide application. Cons The size is on the smaller side. 4. Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

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If you are searching for rich quality wrist guards, you can purchase these gloves. They are designed for skaters. Further, the solid nylon body gives exact fitting to the hands. Your wrist or palms will not get pain or injuries while skating. Besides that, the splints on both sides increase the life of the gloves.

Additionally, the skin-friendly foam absorbs the water and sweat from the hands. Apart from skating, you can use these wrist guards for inline skating, mountain biking, cycling, and other sports. They also give nice flexibility to your wrist and hands. You can carry them in your travel bags while going for outdoor trips or adventure tours.
Pros EVA foam for better performance. Snug fit with stretchable construction. High-quality material and safe to use. Cons The sizing is off. 3. 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards

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These gloves come with angled design so that your hands remain in a stable position while skateboarding. You can wear these wrist guards while riding a bike on the mountain. It has beautiful stitching and does not get removed in water or due to exposure to sun rays. The material of the guard is skin-friendly and does not cause itching or any skin infection.

Further, the nice thumb hole in the gloves gives you comfort and increases the life of the gloves. Apart from that, there is a thick splint at the base to give relaxation while moving the hands. The solid elastic straps fit exactly to your hand size. They also have a padded interior.
Pros Ballistic nylon material for long-lasting use. Angled design and high protection. Excellent fit and multiple sizes availability. Cons It wears out easily. 2. Rollerblade Bladegear XT Wristguard

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If you love skating, you must buy this pair of gloves. They are specifically designed for skaters who want to master in this sort. Further, the gloves come in mesh bags so that you can carry them comfortably to any place. There is a strap that keeps the pads in a stable position.

In addition to that, the gloves come with clear indications to wear on the left and right hands. The skin-friendly material will protect your full hand in the summer or winter season. There are also caps to boost flexibility in the hands. Whether you are a beginner or experienced skater, these gloves will give you a nice skating time.
Pros Attractive look and high protection. Breathable mesh lining for better comfort. Convenient pads and durable construction. Cons There is no drawback. 1. JBM Wrist Guards

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This is the perfect package for skating. It comes with 1 pair of elbow pad, 1 pair of wrist pad, and 1 pair of the knee pad. These wrist guards contain rich quality material that protects the skin from heat, water, and snow. Apart from that, this sport set can be used for various sports such as biking, inline skating, cycling, and others.

This set is perfect for adult as well as a kid. The thick foam will protect your hands from sharp objects. Your hands will not get pain or injuries while playing different water sports. This set will make you a professional skater without giving wounds or injuries to any part of the body.
Pros Soft materials for user comfort. Perfect fit with adjustable straps. Multiple color options and complete set. Cons There is no negative point. Buying Guide for the Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding
Check out the following points when you go through the wrist guards for skateboarding.
With strong materials, you can use your wrist guards for a long time. Look for the one that has a lightweight construction and offers good protection. For better heat retention, you need to see if it has mesh. It will also prevent sweat and allow you to skateboard comfortably. You can even look for hard materials like hard foam, metal, or carbon fiber that offers better protection.
The construction is another important thing that you will have to keep in mind. Durable construction is an important consideration that you must always keep in mind. It will not only be long-lasting but will ensure that your wrist guard will deliver reliable performance. Check if it retains its shape even after continuous use and that if it comes with low maintenance. You can even see if it has an attractive look.
Another vital feature that you will have to keep in mind is flexibility. Even though if it offers better protection and comes with high-quality construction, you must see if it comes in a flexible design. It must give you a comfortable experience and offer overall support. In addition to this, you will have to see if it comes in an adjustable design so that it can fit in different hand sizes.
You must always know your requirements and then make your purchase. Wrist guards come specifically for different needs. However, for better flexibility, go for the one that allows you to use it for multiple applications.


There can be many other features that you can consider while buying a wrist guard. Go for the one that lets you wear it with ease. Always get a wrist guard that offers proper coverage and check if it comes in the low profile design. For better comfort, you must see if it comes with padding.
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Conclusion – Wrapping Up

There are different designs and shapes of wrist guards available, and you can choose as per your preference. You should not neglect it as it can prevent your wrists from getting damaged. They are very affordable, and you can get a better grip when you tumble over, or any unforeseen scenario happens. Check out the above-listed buying guide before you go through the products. That will help you understand and differentiate the products and choose the best one for you.

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