Vintage Garden Bike

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Hello and Happy Friday.
Today I am going to show you a Vintage Schwinn bike I found on FaceBook MarketPlace.   I plan on putting it in my garden by the she shed.  
I am also going to show you some of my vintage garden  bikes from the past.

This is the sweet little deal I found on FB Marketplace.  It is an old Schwinn that is pink and white and rusty in all the right places.

It has all the original things on it.  The bell on the handle bars and the old light and wire basket.  I was so excited to find this and talk the guy down on price and get it for my garden.

Look at that sweet bell on the handle bars.  It works too!  Love all the vintage parts are still on this and original to the bike.
This is my white bike when we lived in Junk Chic Cottage number One.  Loved the blue and white flowers.

This was my blue bike in my garden setting from JCC # 1.

Loved this vintage cream bike I had on the deck with flowers in JCC #2.

This is my vintage bike that was inside JCC #2.

This is my bike in the front garden of my JCC#3 home.

I cannot wait to get this one fixed up for JCC#4 this year.  The only thing missing on this bike was a seat.  Not sure if I will try and find another seat or just put overflowing flowers in a basket on the back of the bike.   It will overflow where the seat would normally be so it will not be missed.
Started to go to my favorite Garden Shop for my flowers.  I have gotten some but they are going to have to go into the garage tonight with the fear of really cold weather.  Hopefully by Sunday the weather will begin to warm up and I can hopefully start to plant this coming week.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day.
May we all begin to see improvement in our states from the virus and the weather all around the US will begin to get warm and stay warm.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mom's and grandmother's and Furbaby mom's.