Video: Honzo ESD: After Hours

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Leah Lind-White gives in to temptation while she waits for the bus to go home after work. Steel, sleek, and extra slack, the Honzo ESD is irresistible. Leah hops on board for a night of pure adventure with the ESD. As the sun rises and the work day approaches, Leah accidentally drops her shoe in a mad dash to make it to her train on time. Fortunately, fairy tale chivalry is alive and well, and the ESD is waiting for her at the station at the end of the day, ready to whisk her away on their next adventure.

If Mad Max rode a bike, it would be the Honzo ESD. It’s part Honzo, part monster, and with geometry that inspired the Process X, it’s made for those who want to punish the trails. A steel frame holds a Marzocchi Bomber Z1 fork with 150mm of travel. It’s got strong 4-piston brakes, grippy Maxxis rubber, and a headtube badge that will scare your children at night. This is the Warrior of the Wasteland.

Geo of the 2022 Honzo ESD model is identical to the 2021 model, except for the frame color has been updated. Visit to check ’em out.

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Honzo ESD: After Hours
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