VIDEO: Confused driver wanders into Victoria bike lanes, struggles to escape

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The City of Victoria has a large network of bike lanes – about 32 kilometres out of 279 kilometres of roads – some bordered with just paint and others with protective infrastructure.

The goal is to have active transportation spaces that are free of motor vehicles like cars and trucks.

But that doesn’t always happen.

As the video below shows, some drivers get confused and wander into these protected lanes with their vehicles – including bike lanes that go in two directions in downtown Victoria.

“Listen… I get that the bike lanes are new for a lot of people (locals & tourists alike) but how does this actually happen??” says a tweet by the @JohnsonStBRDG (Johnson Street Bridge) Twitter account. “Drive up and over the rainbow side walk at city hall? Through the parking bollards?? Like really… if you do this I question if you should have a license.”

Some people, however, responded to the video by saying the bike lanes are confusing in Victoria.

“Many serious technical people have said over and over again that some of the lanes are not properly designed,” one person responded. “ofc that doesn’t excuse this particular driver, although I have to say it was a great parallel parking.”

“OK, but as a visitor to your amazing City last week, I gotta says it’s confusing,” tweeted another. “Head south on Blanshard, hang a left on Humboldt. Then tell me what the hell a car is supposed to do with an oncoming car and a bike on your right side?”

“The AAA cycling network plan was adopted in 2016 and the City is aiming to complete all projects by 2023,” reads a post by the City of Victoria. “Once the network is complete, 95% of the municipality will be within 500m of a AAA cycling route, providing safe and convenient access to village centres, parks, recreation centres and schools.”

This incident follows another last week in the Greater Victoria area as a Canada Post vehicle was blocking a bike lane.

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