Video: Becoming 2019 World Cup Champion Kate Courtney

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Catapulted into cross-country stardom, one has to ask, Is Kate Courtney for real? How can such a young American win in the world stage where no one has reached the stop spot in almost two decades before her?

Has the competition faded? Has the American high school combine hit its stride in producing world champions? Competition is definitely higher than ever now with at least five superstars than can win on any given weekend, including the incredible Jolanda Neff. And one only has to look at the Mens field to see how difficult the world stage is for the US.

Kate Courtney is indeed the real deal and the most encouraging part, shes still getting better. Shes the 2019 World Champion and the 2019 Cross Country World Cup overall winner.


There has never been such a close competition for the UCI XC World Cup title before. All season we saw Kate Courtney go head-to-head with Swiss national champion, Jolanda Neff. Trading rounds and acclimating points for the overall, the final round of the World Cup season came to an intense finale in Snowshoe, USA.

Having lost her UCI World Champion title to Pauline Ferrand-Prevot in Monte Sainte earlier in the season, Kate Courtney laid everything on the line to make up the few points that separated her and Neff.

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