Velomacchi builds a functional, compact, and — dare we say — stylish way to stash tools on your motorcycle.

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Overlanding by motorcycle requires planning and packing for inevitable mechanical issues. Unlike four-wheeled vehicles, packing space is severely limited on a motorcycle. A tool roll is an amazingly space-efficient method of hauling the necessary tools for trailside repairs.

The Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll ($75) does it in a compact form factor that complies with the limited dimensions of bike luggage. I’ve been testing a unit for several months on adventure and dual sport rides in California, Colorado, and Baja Mexico.

The Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll stores, organizes, and keeps tools clean in a compact manner. It helps keep both tools and parts grit-free and contained when deployed for trailside repairs.

I loaded a heap of tools into mine (see the list at bottom of this article). And I still had room to spare and refrained from packing other tools due to weight concerns.
Speedway Tool Roll: Densely Organize Tools
Full of tools, the Speedway Tool Roll formed a 10.5 x 4.5-inch cylinder that weighed almost 7 pounds.

This dense and compact package easily fit in the bottom (to keep the center of gravity as low as possible) of one of my soft-sided panniers. I packed the rest of my gear carefully to keep the left to right weight balance as even as possible. The full tool roll was easily the densest and heaviest item packed on any of my riding trips.

The tight packaging of tools eliminated rattling and the danger of metal rubbing a hole in other gear. The Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll itself received zero damage from stored tools, even on the roughest trails.

Deploying tools when needed was simple and quick; unbuckle and unroll on the saddle or ground. The tool cover forms a small tarp to keep tools and removed parts from picking up grit.

Two corners have buttons that snap together to form a lip to keep dirt out and small items in, while a sewn-in magnet proved handy to keep small fasteners confined.

The Speedway Tool Roll kept all tools organized, secure, and clean for thousands of miles of riding across myriad terrain. It’s hard to imagine a more efficient way of storing tools than the roll format.
Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll Conclusions
The Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll keeps tools tidy and secure in a space-efficient manner suitable for motorcycle luggage. Tools don’t rattle and can’t abrade other items. When a repair is needed, deployment forms a clean surface with clever features to help prevent small parts from becoming lost or contaminated.

The Speedway Tool Roll has proven durable over the long haul and, if it matters, the design aesthetics always drew positive comments from even the most hardcore adventure riders.
Speedway Tool Roll Specifications Dimensions: 29″ x 10.5″ Verified weight: 14.4 oz. Ballistic nylon shell, quilted front panel, TPU-laminated handles, YKK zippers Aluminum hook and adjustable webbing closures 18 elastic tool pockets 7 elastic tool loops with gripper backing 1 clear mesh parts/tool pocket Tool cover unfolds to form a drop cloth with a snap bucket feature Magnet in tool cover captures and secures parts

The Speedway Tool Roll: What I Packed 1/4″ drive 4″ extension 3/8″ drive T45 socket 3/8″ drive T40 socket 1/4″ drive T30 socket 1/4″ drive T20 socket 1/4″ drive No. 2 Philips socket 1/4″ drive 6mm ball head socket 1/4″ drive 5mm ball head socket 1/4′ drive 4mm ball head socket 1/4″ drive 13mm 6-point shallow universal socket 1/4″ drive 14mm 6-point semi-deep socket 1/4″ drive 13mm 6-point semi-deep socket 1/4″ drive 12mm 6-point semi-deep socket 1/4″ drive 10mm 6-point semi-deep socket 1/4″ drive 8mm 6-point semi-deep socket 1/4″ drive 6mm 6-point semi-deep socket 1/4″ drive long flex head ratchet 4 1/4″ diagonal cutters 1/4″ internal drive to 3/8″ external drive adapter 3/8″ drive 12mm low-profile hex socket 3/8″ drive 14mm low-profile hex socket 3/8″ drive 19mm 6-point semi-deep socket 3/8″ drive 17mm 6-point semi-deep socket Spark plug wrench Quicksteel Electrical tape Tire bead lube Valve stem tool 3 tire irons Bead breaker tool Bead lube Safety wire Tow strap
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