Unlock the convenience of keyless entry with coded security and a one-touch wireless remote for RVs.

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Just 2 hours after purchasing our travel trailer, we sat at an RV resort scratching our heads. That’s when we realized the dealer locked our keys inside. Only minutes later, the park manager arrived on the scene, plucked a ring of keys from his pocket, and after two tries, swung our door wide open. I was pleased — but not happy.

That’s when I learned nearly every employee of an RV dealership carries a master key capable of unlocking any coach. It doesn’t work with the deadbolt, but that didn’t make me feel much better.

Because our RV serves as our home and mobile office, complete with all the expensive tools of my trade, security ranks high on my list of concerns. I immediately swapped the factory lock with a robust steel-core assembly from RVLock. The keyless-entry feature ensures I won’t lock myself out ever again.
Why Go Keyless?
Does anyone need a keyless entry system for their RV? Not really. That doesn’t mean it’s not a worthy purchase with practical benefits.

I try not to spend too much time sequestered inside. Whether I’m off fly fishing, trail running, or squeezing in a late-afternoon mountain bike ride, the last thing I want to do is squirrel away a key in a pocket a key I know I’ll lose.

Keyless locks are pretty straightforward. Type in the code and, open sesame, the deadbolt magically retracts. The RVLock adds a few extra bells and whistles. Users can select their own security code, and audible tones indicate locking and unlocking actions.

My favorite feature is the wireless remote. I can easily lock or unlock the unit with a tap of a button, just as I do with our truck. It’s a handy feature when walking to the door with my arms full of gear or groceries.

As short as my wife is, fiddling with keys and the cheap factory door lock often resulted in a flurry of expletives. It was hard for her to reach the lock and maintain the angle needed to turn the key. She often had to climb up the steps, unlock the door, then back down the steps to open the door, only to ascend the steps again. Okay, that’s not exactly a major life struggle, but it was a minor annoyance.

Now she can remotely open the lock, reach up to open the door, and presto, she’s in. It’s the little things, I guess.
Quick and Easy Install
Our kit included one locking assembly, two traditional keys, and a single wireless key fob remote. The lock pairs to a maximum of 10 remotes, but we only needed one extra at a minimal expense of $40.

Like most RV handles, a secondary lock secures the door lever. The included keys actuate both the handle and deadbolt tumblers. A manual lever inside the door also secures the deadbolt. We also ordered extra lock cores for our exterior cargo hatches. A single key unlocks everything now.

Although I fancy myself a handyman, I admit I sometimes fumble with even the most basic DIY projects. RVLock claims installation requires only one tool and 10 minutes. I would say that’s an honest assessment. A large battery compartment contains the four AA batteries that power the system. It’s easy to replace these, but we used the factory batteries all summer long.

With our lockout incident still fresh in my mind, I feel better knowing we have a much more secure system guarding our laptops, cameras, and other essentials. I wasn’t sure we needed to fork over $239 for the keyless-entry feature, but I’m glad we did. I have yet to lock myself out.

I just hope I don’t forget the code.

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