Top 5 Benefits of Living in Utah

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There are a lot of good things about living in Utah – too many to make a complete list of. But if you’re planning to move there and need to remind yourself about why it’s actually a great idea, this is for you! And if you’re looking to hit the ground running and begin with finding real estate, check here. Remember, you heard it here, first! So, with business done, let’s check out the pleasures of living in the Beehive State.

1. Magnificent Scenery and a Host of Outdoor Activities

Amazing landscapes await, and if you’re going to become a local, you’ll have your work cut out exploring all of them. The Bonnieville Salt Flats, for example, have to be seen first hand, and even then, you’ll struggle to take in all that splendor. 

Top that off with incredible national parks where you can see fabulous rock formations and more, and your thirst for contact with nature and the great outdoors is sure to be satisfied. When winter comes around, it’s time to go skiing or snowboarding, and in summer you can enjoy hiking,mountain biking and rafting. If you’re outdoorsy, you’re going to love Utah – you don’t even have to rough it! RV decor ideas turn your RV into something special. 

2. Great Public Transport in the Cities

Once you hit the city, you won’t need to worry about getting a ride. The local transit authority has gone all-out to make moving around in the metros an easy matter. There’s even an electric bike share program – great for getting to know your nearest city better than you would by car. For the rest, expect to find fairly comprehensive coverage via bus and light rail, especially in Salt Lake City. However, once you leave the cities, you’re really going to need your car! 

3. City Dwellers Will Find Plenty to Do and See Near Home

If the wide open spaces have less appeal to you than the buzz of city life, you needn’t fear being left at a loss for things to do in Utah. Salt Lake City is the hub of the action, but it’s by no means the only city in Utah where you can enjoy museums, the arts, historic buildings, restaurants and clubs. Be sure to spend time in Ogden, and Provo for example.

4. Get Your Kids Set for the Future

There are many excellent public schools in Utah. Overall, the state ranked 12th for its academic environment despite larger-than average classes per teacher. Looking beyond secondary school? Then Brigham Young University in Provo is the best Utah has to offer – and it was up against some tough competition from Utah’s other Universities and colleges!

5. Pro for Some, Con For Others: Amazingly Strict Liquor Laws!

If there’s one thing about Utah that might baffle some and please others, it’s the extremely tough liquor laws enforced across the state. Outlets selling liquor are relatively few and far between, meaning that you may have to do a bit of planning to stock up your home bar. There used to be a “private club” system which meant you may have to pay a membership fee in order to get drinks at clubs and restaurants. Luckily for those who enjoy a drink or two, that’s been repealed.

We’ve just dipped our toe in the waters to come up with some of the things you may like about Utah. Of course, nowhere is perfect, and you might find the dry, hot summers rather harsh – but all in all, there’s every chance that you’ll love living in Utah. See you there!


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