Top 10 Best Stationary Upright Exercise Bikes for Home Workout in 2019

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An upright exercise bike is a piece of fitness equipment that acts like a bicycle. The difference is, it has you in the upright position with a seat, pedals, and handlebar, and you dont move from the one spot. You can exercise in all weather as if you were on a bike but from the comfort of your home.

If youre ready to invest a fun and new form of exercise, then an upright bike could be for you. Read on to learn how to choose the best one, as well as what some of the better options can be.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Stationary Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Stationary Exercise Bike

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By Sunny Health & Fitness

Exercise shouldnt be something thats out of most peoples price range, so Sunny Health & Fitness makes it as affordable as possible with its upright exercise bike. Why stay idle when you can buy a high-quality bike at a fraction of the price of other leading brands? This upright exercise bike has a lot to offer the average go-getter.

It boasts a 275-pound weight capacity, easy assembly process, and transportation wheels to move it around your home. If you find it challenging to stay on track, then the device holder will offer that much-needed distraction while you pedal to your hearts content.

Are you worried about your performance? Let Sunny Health & Fitness monitor it. The performance monitor on this machine shows the temperature, calendar, time, and clock, while also measuring your RPM, distance, speed, and pulse.

Adjust the seat to suit your comfort levels, tighten the pedal straps to stop your feet from falling off, and even alter the magnetic resistance for the most effective workout yet. This competitively priced upright exercise bike from Sunny Health & Fitness is ready to take your workout to the next level.


  • Performance monitor
  • Device holder
  • 275-pound weight capacity
  • Body fat and BMI calculator
  • Eight magnetic resistance levels
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • Transportation wheels
  • Adjustable pedal straps


  • Competitive price tag
  • It can monitor your RPM, distance, speed, time, calendar, temperature, clock, and pulse
  • You can adjust the seat to suit your comfort levels
  • Generous weight capacity
  • Customizable for a beneficial workout
  • The straps stop your feet from falling off the pedals
  • The magnetic resistance is adjustable to suit your needs


  • The seat can be hard to adjust
  • The seat is not all that comfortable

2. Schwinn Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn Upright Exercise Bike

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By Schwinn

Quality can make all the difference when it comes to an upright exercise bike. The more advanced and well made it is, the better your exercising experience can be. So, while the price tag of this Schwinn upright exercise bike is far above what you may have anticipated spending, it goes almost without saying that youll experience a rewarding workout.

This well-made bike boasts all the technological advancements you know and love in fitness equipment. It connects to Bluetooth, works with app-based tracking tools, and has a dual-track LCD screen display. This screen has backlighting so that you can work in low lighting without any troubles.

Those who like to change up their workout regularly will also appreciate the 29 workout programs that allow them to start the day differently all the time. If you want to keep your health in check while you work out, then make use of the telemetric heart rate sensor at the same time.

Finally, not all upright exercise bikes are blessed with comfortable seats, so let Schwinn be a gamechanger. If you dont like the seat that comes with this bike, you can replace it with your own. This upright exercise bike is leading the pack, so check it out for yourself and see if it works for your needs.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • App-based tracking tools
  • Three courses included
  • DualTrack LCD screen display
  • 29 workout programs
  • Telemetric heart rate sensor
  • Padded seat


  • It has a lot of technological advancements
  • You can change the seat to the one you prefer
  • You can use a range of apps with this bike
  • It has a myriad of different workout programs
  • It monitors your heart rate


  • Expensive to buy

3. ShareVgo Folding Indoor Exercise Bike

ShareVgo Folding Indoor Exercise Bike

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By ShareVgo

Trying to find an upright exercise bike thats both affordable and suitable for your fitness needs is not as easy as you might think. Often, you run into durability issues or a lack of technology that intrudes on your routine. Fortunately, ShareVgo can sort both problems. Their exercise bike is one that boasts some premium technology while also being priced competitively.

Its Bluetooth connectivity is possibly one of the best highlights of this machine. It syncs seamlessly to the ShareVgo Fitness app and allows you to take control of your fitness regime. It also comes with a tablet holder so that you can entertain or monitor yourself as you work out.

The comfortable and large seat is a nice touch, as is the broad versatility with the height and weight ranges. As long as youre between 411 and 61, and up to 250 pounds, this exercise bike is likely to suit your needs.

The comfort it has to offer is out of this world too. Alongside the comfortable seat, users can revel in the proximate water bottle holder, backrest, and eight resistance levels. If youre ready to take your exercise regime to the next level without breaking the bank, this bike might be the answer.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • ShareVgo Fitness app
  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • 411-61 height range
  • Magnetic resistance system
  • Water bottle holder
  • Tablet holder
  • Backrest
  • Eight resistance levels
  • Pulse sensors


  • Competitive price tag
  • It boasts Bluetooth connectivity
  • It has a high-quality app
  • The seat is large and comfortable
  • It has a backrest for comfort
  • You can use a tablet with it
  • It folds down for secure storage


  • It can be quite wobbly

4. Xterra Fitness Folding Exercise Bike

Xterra Fitness Folding Exercise Bike

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By Xterra

Its not practical at all times of the year to head out on your bicycle, so in the meantime, you might see the value in an upright exercise bike. Stay warm, dry, and comfortable in your home while still getting that much-needed exercise.

This exercise bike from Xterra meets the mark for both quality and value. Some people say the materials feel a little cheap, the heart rate might not be accurate, and the resistance levels are better-suited to entry-level riders, but there is still plenty to love.

It has a sleek silver color scheme, an X-frame design for effortless storage in a 20-inch floorplan, and has your comfort in mind. Users will appreciate the comfortable seat and padded back to ensure your workout goes as smoothly as possible.

This upright exercise bike might not have the technological advancements of other exercise bikes for sale, but its reflected in the price. Whats more, you will also find that the eight manual resistance levels, three-piece pedal crank, and dial tension knob are all you need to start. You can then upgrade as you become fitter and more productive. Start a new exercise regime on the right foot with this upright exercise bike from Xterra Fitness.


  • Silver color scheme
  • X-frame design
  • 20.5 x 20-inch folded dimensions
  • Padded back
  • Large seat
  • LCD screen
  • Eight manual resistance levels
  • Dial tension knob
  • Three-piece pedal crank


  • Affordable price tag
  • It displays your time, calories, distance, speed, and pulse
  • You can alter the resistance to suit your comfort level
  • Comfortable seat and back area
  • Its easy to fold away to store
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver


  • The materials can feel cheap, according to some users
  • The heart rate monitor might not be accurate
  • The resistance levels suit entry-level riders

5. FitDesk Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk

FitDesk Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk

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By FitDesk

Trying to find time for exercise in between work is not easy, but thanks to this upright exercise bike from FitDesk, its made much more manageable.

Not only does it boast a balanced flywheel and twin belt drive for a smooth cycling process, but it has a sliding desk. The desk comes fitted with a grip-top surface, a tablet holder, storage, and a cup holder. You wont be able to help but work and exercise at the same time!

This upright exercise bike can also handle someone weighing up to 250 pounds, has eight magnetic resistance levels, and a three-position frame for comfort. If thats not enough to make you feel better as you exercise, then the inclusion of the padded seat and backrest likely will.

When this affordable upright exercise bike arrives, it will take you around 30 minutes to assemble. You can then get started on your new exercise regime sooner rather than later.


  • Sliding desk
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • 250-pound weight limit
  • Eight magnetic resistance levels
  • Balanced flywheel
  • Twin belt drive
  • Grip-top surface
  • Built-in tablet holder
  • Storage tray
  • Cupholder
  • 30-minute assembly time
  • Three-position frame
  • Backrest
  • Cushioned seat


  • Easy to assemble
  • Competitive pricing
  • Allows you to multi-task
  • Well made
  • Its well-balanced
  • The seat is comfortable
  • It comes with a supportive backrest


  • It can be awkward getting on and off the bike
  • The seat padding is hard for some people

6. Zafuar Folding Indoor Stationary Slim Bike

Zafuar Folding Indoor Stationary Slim Bike

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By Zafuar

An upright exercise bike is an excellent choice for many people, but its not going to suit everyone all of the time. What if you want to try something different? That is why this three-in-one machine from Zafuar is becoming a firm favorite among those who are taking up exercise.

Not only can you use it as an upright exercise bike, but it also works as a recumbent bicycle while working out various muscle groups. Its foldable, comes with a one-year warranty, and its price tag is affordable for many people. When you compare this bike to others for sale, its hard to believe it packs as much quality into it while still being affordable.

People also like that it has a digital monitor track the time, calories, pulse, distance, and other things, and the phone bracket is a nice touch as well. Let the pulse rate grips take care of your heart rate, and the adjustable seat cushion ensures your comfort.

Those who like to challenge themselves will even see the value in the ten tension levels. In many ways, this upright exercise bike is perfect. While it suits shorter people than those who are a bit taller, its worth a look. It could be the best thing to start you on the journey to a happy, healthy version of you.


  • 3-in-1 machine
  • Foldable
  • Digital monitor
  • Phone bracket
  • Pulse rate grips
  • Ten tension levels
  • Adjustable seat cushion
  • Two handles
  • One-year warranty


  • You can turn it from an upright bike to a recumbent one
  • It works out different muscle groups
  • The seat is large and adjustable
  • It folds up to a compact size
  • The display is easy to read
  • You can measure your calories, pulse, distance, and more
  • It has a convenient bracket for your phone
  • The backrest offers plenty of support


  • Less comfortable for tall people

7. Doufit Upright Indoor Cycling Bike

Doufit Upright Indoor Cycling Bike

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By Doufit

Not everyone has a lot of space in their home for an upright exercise bike, which is why many people may decide not to buy one. What if you could find a compact, lightweight, and affordable model? Thats precisely what Doufit has brought to the market.

This upright exercise bike folds to a small size, is easy to move around on wheels, and doesnt take up a lot of space. Its also lightweight and compact and of a funky design to capture your attention. Even though the small footprint of this upright exercise bike will draw you to it, thats not all it has to offer.

Even for its competitive price, it comes with a digital monitor, a pulse sensor, and a myriad of adjustable features. You can choose your seat height, pedal belt length, and select one of eight magnetic resistance levels. You certainly have the freedom to choose.

You cant move the seat back or forward, but thats a small problem in the scheme of things. From the dense sponge for comfort to the technological advancements, this upright exercise bike is bound to tick all the boxes.


  • Digital monitor
  • Pulse sensor
  • Eight magnetic resistance levels
  • Five adjustable seat heights
  • Seven adjustable pedal belt lengths
  • High-density sponge
  • Backrest support
  • Foldable design


  • Affordable price tag
  • Its lightweight and easy to move
  • It folds up to a compact size
  • The seat and backrest are comfortable
  • There is plenty of adjustment throughout the bike
  • The digital monitor keeps track of many things
  • Its a funky design
  • It has wheels to move it easier
  • Generous weight capacity


  • The display is only in metric
  • You cant move the backrest backward or forward
  • Its challenging to fold it

8. Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike with Adjustable Desk

Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike with Adjustable Desk

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By Exerpeutic

It cant be all work and no play, but how are you supposed to fit time in on your upright exercise bike in between work? Do both at the same time with this Exerpeutic folding exercise bike.

Purchase it with or without Bluetooth and exercise programs, and get to work on both your job and your body. This upright exercise bike has a sliding desktop thats adjustable, large enough for a laptop, and has a 44-pound weight capacity. It even comes with an armrest and storage drawer.

The included display monitors all your activity, and you can be comfortable while you work out. The chair is thick and padded, the work surface spacious, and the semi-recumbent design is undoubtedly going to appeal as well.

What people also like is its robustness and versatility. You can choose from various angles and height adjustments, as well as get peace of mind from the 300-pound weight capacity. Keep fit and healthy while working on an important project. It doesnt get much more convenient than that.


  • With or without Bluetooth
  • Sliding desktop
  • Three angle adjustments
  • Five height adjustments
  • Sitting or standing position
  • Storage drawer
  • Armrest
  • LCD screen
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Semi-recumbent design
  • Foldable
  • Eight magnetic tension settings
  • 44-pound desktop weight capacity


  • You can work as you exercise
  • You can choose whether you want Bluetooth connectivity or not
  • Competitively priced
  • Straightforward to set up
  • Plenty of adjustment options
  • The chair is thick and padded
  • The work surface is large enough for a laptop
  • Generous weight capacity compared to other upright exercise bikes for sale.


  • It makes a strange clunking and thumping sound
  • It can become wobbly

9. 3G Cardio Upright Bike

3G Cardio Upright Bike

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By 3G Cardio

If youre all about technological advancements both in your daily life and with exercise equipment like an upright exercise bike, then check out this bike from 3G Cardio. While it operates like any other upright exercise bike, it takes it to an entirely new level.

It has an electronic display, 16 magnetic resistance levels, and an ergonomic design for comfort. Work out longer because you dont feel the same discomfort that comes with lower quality models. People also love the precise heart rate monitor, which is wireless, and the compact size so that the machine doesnt take up much room.

You are going to spend much, much more on this bike than many others, but you will quickly learn why. Its quality and advancement are next-level.


  • Electronic display
  • 350-pound weight capacity
  • 16 magnetic resistance levels
  • Oversized seat
  • Ergonomic design
  • Handheld heart rate sensors
  • Wireless heart rate chest strap included


  • Its highly advanced
  • Its ergonomic and comfortable
  • You can adjust features for more comfort
  • The display is detailed and effective
  • The heartrate monitor is wireless and exact
  • Well made
  • Compact size


  • Expensive to buy

10. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike

Marcy Upright Exercise Bike

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By Marcy

A solid, all-around convenient and comfortable upright exercise bike is what many people want to find themselves in possession of. However, given the substantial market for such a product, not everyone will get it. Your chances are even higher if you view this one, though. Brought to the market by Marcy, its an affordable, functional, and well-made upright exercise bike that will satisfy your need for exercise.

It boasts 14-gauge powder-coated steel for durability, eight magnetic resistance levels, and a monitor to track your progress. The detail in this monitor will allow you to gain an insight into how far youve come over time.

The tension knob and adjustable foot straps are likely to appeal, too, as will the counterbalanced pedals that are easy to use. If you feel like challenging yourself, then change the resistance levels. However, some people say that even the lowest setting is quite tough.

Enjoy the comfort, quality, and price of this upright exercise bike from Marcy. Youll be unlikely to keep the smile off of your face after a rewarding workout session.


  • 14-gauge steel construction
  • Powder coating
  • Eight magnetic resistance levels
  • LCD screen
  • Counterbalanced pedals
  • Tension knob
  • Adjustable foot straps


  • Competitive price tag
  • Comfortable to use
  • Customizable to suit your comfort level
  • Robust frame
  • It doesnt take up much space in your home
  • Ideal for different body shapes
  • Detailed screen for monitoring


  • The tension levels can be too tough
  • The seat is not comfortable for everyone
  • The wheels dont move smoothly on hard floors

Considerations for Purchasing an Upright Exercise Bike

The market is full of different upright exercise bikes for sale, but whos to say they are all going to work for your needs? While most of the time, you can return a product that doesnt work for you, its quite tricky with something as substantial as an exercise bike. Improve your chances of making the right purchasing decision the first time with these considerations.

  1. Price

    Set a budget and stick to it. The price is not always an indicator of quality, but rather a way in which to gauge the technology in each model. How much do you want to spend? You can then narrow your options dramatically.

  2. Technology

    Technology can play a huge part in your workout experience. Check out the monitor and the functions it has to offer. Does it connect to Bluetooth? Does it have workout programs? Will it measure your calories, heart rate, time, and more? The more you pay for an upright exercise bike, often, the more advanced the technology for your benefit.

  3. Comfort

    Believe it or not, the comfort of your upright exercise bike can dictate how long you work out for. If a seat doesnt have enough padding, a backrest is not in the right place, or the pedals are not positioned properly, you are likely to feel uncomfortable long before your workout time is up. Pay attention to the reviews to determine whether an upright exercise bike will be comfortable enough for your needs.

  4. Measurements and Weight Capacity

    Before you buy an upright exercise bike online, make sure you have enough space in your home or gym, and that the weight capacity suits. The specs of an exercise bike can help avoid any unpleasant surprises. You will know how much weight it will handle, and whether it will fit into your chosen area.

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