Those of you who played Half Life 2 know the true power of a circular saw

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For those who haven’t, just know that there is a horror video game out there that allows you to use giant circular saws as a weapon (in combination with the gravity gun) against the attacking aliens.

Well, apart from that and their actual purpose of cutting things, primarily wood, apparently, there’s also yet another function of circular saws. YouTube channel The Q exemplifies this by attaching them to his bike in place of the tires, effectively making a circular saw bike.

Oh yeah, you better believe it’s badass.

Turns out, circular saws can be used for more than just cutting wood—namely, as wheels for a bike

Image credits: The Q

So, a YouTube science channel called The Q has recently come out with a video where they took a regular mountain bike and made it into one that is perfect for destroying your enemies [cough] I mean perfect for riding on a frozen lake in the middle of winter.

The video gives a step-by-step explanation (voiceless one) of how the bike came to be the circular saw bike. Essentially, what happens is they take the wheels off of a mountain bike, disassemble them, and modify the hub so that it could have a roughly 26-inch circular saw welded to it.

YouTube channel The Q’s latest video showcases just that, how they created a circular saw blade bicycle

Image credits: The Q

So, effectively they turned a regular mountain bike with proper wheels and rubber tires…

Image credits: The Q

The hub is actually not only modified, but also supplemented with other circular structural elements that are either welded or screwed together to strengthen the hold on the circular saw.

Once the big parts had been combined and secured, the remainder of the hub was attached and the wheels were put back onto the bike.

… into a bike with saws for wheels—something you’d probably only see in horror movies

Image credits: The Q

Image credits: The Q

Now, the test! Well, as seen in the video, the first test was a bit of a flop—the saw was just too sharp to be able to ride across a frozen lake without great effort and running the risk of cutting a hole in it.

No worries, this was very quickly fixed and the sharp teeth were modified with metal plates that make sure the saw doesn’t dig into the ice. But hey, now we know what we can use to cut large holes in frozen lakes.

The only part that was actually left of the wheels was the hub, while the rest was all saw blade with modded parts

Image credits: The Q

Image credits: The Q

Anywho, after the modification, The Q took it for another test run and voila, they were riding the modified circular saw bike across ice. The wheels gripped the ice perfectly, they were able to make turns (not sharp ones, but still), and all in all, it was a pretty oddly satisfying sight to see.

Now, this ain’t their first bike rodeo as The Q is also known for another bike design, namely the Shoe Bicycle (Shoecycle?). It is pretty much the same mountain bike design, except the rim of the wheel is replaced with a bunch of shoes. Why? Well, why not? If anything, it is an interesting project. There was also a wooden version, among many others.

The blades turned out to be a bit too sharp and it started cutting the ice clean

Image credits: The Q

So, The Q added a small metal plates to make sure it doesn’t sink into the ice

Image credits: The Q

Since the video, it has been going insanely viral, having gathered over 15 million views in mere days and it has been trending all over the internet, making headlines on several online news sites.

Check out the full video to see the step-by-step process of how the saw blade bike was born

Image credits: The Q

If you want to find out more about The Q, why not visit their YouTube channel, Facebook or Instagram. But before you go, what are your thoughts on this? Would you want a bike like this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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