This Thread Got Women Sharing What Annoys Them About Women’s Clothing (24 Responses)

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Ohmigoodness. Don’t even get us started with all the problems in women’s clothing. If you ever stroll through the aisles of female fashion, you’ll know what nuisances I’m talking about: from the fact that a lot of fashion is plainly non-functional, to a lack of clothing for women with big busts, the absence of pockets, inconsistent sizing, and pink tax, to name just a few.

So no wonder when someone asked women “What’s something about clothing that irritates you?” they had too many things to get off their chest. Let’s see some of the most eye-opening responses right below, which will surely change the way you think about clothing marketed for women, which is often nowhere near as pretty as the ads would like us to believe.

Have yet another annoying thing to add to this list? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section!


Inconsistent sizing. Sh**ty fabric. Over-priced.

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No pockets or crappy pockets.

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The crop top trend. I’m tired of looking for a shirt that actually covers my belly. I like cute shirts, but i don’t like how revealing they are.

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When pants or shorts fit your legs but not your waist.

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See through shirts. Seriously, I hate that so many shirts in women’s clothing are thin or nearly sheer. I don’t enjoy having to put a tank top under my shirts or having my bra show through.

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Athletic clothing is always bright colors or bizarre patterns. I love dark neutral colors, but they're so hard to find in woman's options. Men's gear doesn't fit me

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Each black piece is a different shade of black.

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Quite literally: scratchy tags. I also don't know why certain kinds of itchy wool clothing are still made.

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Plus size clothes that have too much decoration on them. I don't want to look like a garden.

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Pants need to come in more inseams than short, regular and tall. Men can get all sorts on inseams, why can’t women?

Also, shirts need to come in tall and short sizes too. I’m sick of the sleeves and torsos being too short.

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Clothing for heavy physical work. I choose to buy mens clothing, because that was actually designed for hard work outside in all kinds of weather. The option for women was only designed to look sexy, too tight to properly move or lift or work.

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Women's graphic tees being so tacky

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Most pants are ankle length. Can I just have some normal freaking pants? Why are crop tops expensive if it’s less material? Same with shorts. Why did my shorts cost the same as my pants?! Why is athletic wear so tacky? I’m finding a lot of tops are short. I have a short torso so it’s not a good look. Shirts that aren’t tagless.

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dresses where you can't wear a bra, like backless ones. They know big women will need to wear a bra, so why design a dress that we can't wear a bra!

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Buttons over my prodigious breasts that never stay closed, collars on shirts, leggings that ride down, things that claim to not roll, but ALWAYS do, fussy extraneous details (stop putting button tabs on sleeves. Just no.),bras with lots of fkn lace details. Give us real, comfortable, sturdy bras, not fluff for the male gaze, Jean's that fit you bum, but leave a 10in gap at the waist. Why?

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My problem is in bottoms. I can either fit them to my waist and they are too tight around my thighs or I can go up a size and they are comfortable around my thighs but too big around my waist. If I wear a belt then they bunch up funny around my crotch area.

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I wish sizes would be consistent across brands! I hate having to remember what size of jeans I wear at American Eagle and then again at Hollister.

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Branding. They ask customers to become walking billboards with giant their logos and unfortunately most buyers happily oblige.

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I wish there would be clothing for curvy people. I’m in between an XXS and a M.

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Unnecessary details on women’s clothing and accessories eg awkward cut-outs, tacky looking non-functional zips and buttons, random “quirky” words on a t-shirt, ugly frills, handbag chains that look out of place… the list goes on! I just want a plain jumper, not a cropped one that has “good vibezzz” in bubble writing on it. Also… we want pockets!

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I wish more companies would tell you the height of their models on their websites. The amount of dresses I've bought that show as being knee length, so I've thought it would probably come to mid thigh on me, and I've bought it and it doesn't even cover my crotch! It's like the models must be 5' or something. Shein tell you the height of their models and it makes it so much easier to know how long it will be for me. And as others have said, inconsistent sizing.

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Them stretching out after 2 uses.

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Bras and swimwear without pads.

Clothes with fake pockets

Cheap fabric. Fabric that needs to be ironed.

Stuff that doesn't fit even though you bought the same size.

Finding good fitting pants is a struggle for me. I have IBS and hate tight fitting pants. It needs to sit a bit loose on my tummy. But if it is comfortable around my tummy it's too loose on my butt. Leggings are great, but I can't always wear leggings, especially at work.

That clothes for oversized women are always so damn ugly and unflattering. Luckily I have a great body and don't need to shop oversized clothing. But no one can tell me that those women are happy with the choices they have. Just because they are overweight doesn't mean that they don't have any taste. What the hell are all those ugly patterns?!

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Also I noticed that shops often offer less variety in certain products like padded bike shorts because apparently women don't want to wear them

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