Things You MUST Do In Houston Before Summer Ends!

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Summer is undoubtedly the best time of the year, especially if you have some free time with your friends and family. Families wait a whole year to plan a vacation during their summertime, especially if they have young kids that go to school. Summer break is an opportune time to simply take a rest and rejuvenate your body and soul by doing what you love doing and with the most important people in your life. And if you are looking for an excellent place to spend your summer vacation, then Houston is at the top of every chart.

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the US and has a plethora of fun activities, events, and adventures that will keep you occupied during your off time. The riches that the city seems to possess are enviable, and we have not even counted the mind-boggling 150 museums found in the town. No matter what you are into, Houston has something that is absolutely perfect for you, making it the ideal place for one to spend some time during their summer break.

But these riches could also confuse one about what to do, as there are so many activities with so little time that one cannot possibly take everything in. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of some of the things you must do in Houston before the end of the summer break. So, without wasting more time, let’s dive into it.

1. Space Center Houston

If you have young kids with you, then you simply could not make a better choice than visiting Space Center Houston. The NASA space center in Houston is world-famous, which is not really much of a surprise. This space center boasts numerous permanent displays and attractions, including the famous SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The Johnson Space Center hosts an extensive art collection, live shows, and a NASA tram tour that will showcase to the visitors the complete facility of the center. There are special events for children organized by Space Center Houston that they can take part in.

2. Bike along the Buffalo Bayou

Biking is not the first activity you would have thought of when planning your summer break in Houston. But keep in mind that Buffalo Bayou is not just another park, but in fact, one of the most popular parks in the city with acres of parkland and running trails that one can take advantage of. And if biking is not your thing, although we would encourage you to give it a try, you can easily rent a Kayak or opt for boat tours offered by various tour companies.

3. Wet n Wild Splashdown

What could be a better way to enjoy a day in hot summer than going to a water park? At a Water Park. And luckily, you can experience that at Wet n Wild Splashdown waterpark. There are several slides and water activities that one can participate in and make the most of their summer break, and the best part is that it is open for all age groups. So, yes, you can take your kids to this place as well and have a memorable experience. Alternatively, Typhoon Texas is also equally as famous as Wet n Wild Splashdown, located in Katy off of i10.

4. Visit the Chinatown

You might not know this, but Houston boasts the second-largest Indochinese settlement in the whole of the US, after LA. Naturally, this makes for an excellent tourist destination for folks that are interested in the Indochinese culture, tradition, and cuisine but just do not have the time to plan an international trip. And why and when you can get the whole experience in Houston? From tasty cuisines in the Hong Kong Food market to a peaceful stroll around the Jade Buddha Temple, there are just so many things to do in Chinatown that you might need to clear out a couple of days from your schedule.

5. Have a picnic at Waterwall Park

What can be a better way for one to experience a sunny day in Houston, Texas, than by having an outdoor meal with their loved ones? And Houston has an excellent picnic scene that you can enjoy to the fullest. The Waterwall Park is the favorite place for picnic enthusiasts to have a fun time while also staying cool and refreshed. The Waterwall Park is located at 2800 Post Oak Boulevard and consists of a 64-foot semi architectural fountain that is surrounded by green space all over. So, it is not difficult for one to determine why this is such a fantastic spot for picnic lovers.

6. Visit Hobby Center to watch a show

If you can carve out a day in your summer break, then you should absolutely catch a show at The Hobby Center. This center is Houston’s own Broadway and features hits like Tootsie, Hadestown, and Hamilton and several parodies, drag shows, and seasonal goodies. And did we mention that this center is a non-profit that is committed to showcasing Houston’s thriving performance art scene?

7. Surfside Houston

There are many excellent beaches near Houston that you can visit during your summer break. But while the majority of them are simply amazing, Surfside Beach stands head and shoulders above when it comes to picking the best beach near the city. This majestic beach has a 4-mile gorgeous coastline that simply invites everyone to its shores. You can easily find an idyllic spot, set up your little corner, kick back and relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Texas. Alternatively, you can enjoy the low tides that make this beach ideal for newbie surfers.

8. Watch the beautiful sunset at Skyspace

There is just something about catching the sunset with your loved ones that will never be enough no matter how many times you have experienced it. Skyspace is one of those places where you can catch a glimpse of Sunset in Houston. It is an experience that you indeed have not had before. Such is the popularity of the Skyspace that you would not have to make reservations days in advance to catch the sunset light sequence. So, if you want to experience something breathtaking, make sure to carve out some time for this during your summer break.

9. Miller Outdoor Theater

It would not be a stretch to say that Miller’s outdoor theater is one of the city’s cultural gems. Opened in 1923, this theater has constantly staged free outdoor performances every year. The experience at this place is mesmerizing and unexplainable in just words. You can enjoy drama, symphony, and everything in between at this Miller Outdoor Theater. What more could one ask for? However, it would help if you remember that you might need to book tickets in advance as this outdoor theater is extremely popular. Do not think for a second more and enjoy a Texan evening at Miller Outdoor Theater.

Houston is undoubtedly one of the best places in the country for one to enjoy the summer break and spend some time with their loved ones. A pro tip that would be really helpful for you is that you should create an itinerary with some flexibility to cover every important site in the city. This will prove to be highly beneficial if you want a stress-free vacation.

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