These 8 Pairs of Sunglasses Have You Covered for Anything

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There’s a breeze blowing from the south, signaling warmer days ahead. If your favorite sunglasses are on their last legs from last summer, it’s time for an upgrade. The best sunglasses for men don’t scrimp on style – they come with built-in legacies that date back decades, channeling bold men doing great things.

But peek under the hood and you’ll find modern guts, from polarized lenses to durable materials and scratch-resistant treatments that let you actually live in your frames. Many are prescription-ready, and all of them cut glare and tame the harshest bluebird skies, letting you enjoy the day with eyes wide open.

The problem is, there are endless options when it comes to buying a pair of sunglasses. So we’ve broken down the best options to appeal to differing personality types and activities. If you’re looking for your new favorite sunglasses for men, have we got some options for you.

Softening the harsh angles of the Eighties staple (see: Risky Business, “The Boys of Summer,” etc.), the New Wayfarer is sleeker and more modern than its predecessor. But it still packs all the stylish punch. Thick nylon frames feel durable and have a pleasant weight on the face, while its classic G-15 polarized lenses are great on sunny summer mornings and overcast afternoons alike. They’re also available in a host of hues, allowing you to tailor your color palette to your personal taste.

While others may be better known for their aviator-style glasses, American Optical invented the damn thing. For almost 100 years, AO has crafted its version of a U.S. original, and it’s no surprise that the company has learned a thing or two along the way. Grey nylon lenses add contrast while cutting down on glare above the clouds while ensuring they won’t shatter into a million little pieces. Their protective coating also reduces scratches whether you’re in the air or en route to soccer practice.

Yeah, you’ll be seen coming and going in the Spy Monolith sunglasses, which are new for 2022. But behind their throwback aesthetic is the performance heritage of a company know around the world for optical quality. The company’s trademark Happy Lenses are specially designed to boost your mood, which will be a welcome addition when you’re languishing in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way to the beach. While the frames themselves are larger than what you might be used to, they feel remarkably light on the face thanks to Grilamid, a compound most often used in lightweight bike helmets. A rubber nosepiece ensures they won’t budge during your summer beer league.

Hey, we get it: Just like your high school Firebird, your eyes aren’t working as well as they used to. If you’re looking for stylish shades that can easily accommodate a prescription, our first pick is Warby Parker. Known for its RX eyewear, its sunglass division is equally skilled at getting you in quality, affordable, and prescription-tailored frames that don’t look like they came from a pharmacy. The Merrick’s polarized polycarbonate lenses are scratch-resistant and sit securely in gold-tinted stainless steel for resiliency under pressure.

Threading the needle between a beautiful pair of sunglasses and a badass workout companion, the Earharts are our pick for life on the move. Crafted from ultra lightweight titanium, they feel as heavy as a breeze on your face. They’re also prescription-ready and include UV-protecting lenses (polarized lenses are also available). Even better: A no-questions-asked lifetime warranty (really) means that you never have to shield them from the real world.

We’re unabashed fans of Prive Revaux, a star-powered sunglass company founded by Jamie Foxx and friends. And yeah, it goes heavy on the influencer angle, but then again, the frames themselves live up to the social media hype. Take, for example, the Maestro Sun. The cheapest option on our list, they nevertheless include scratch-resistant polarized lenses, a classic keyhole silhouette, and comfortable spring hinges. We dare you to put them alongside your favorite frames and find the difference.

Raen is the master of acetate, which is a heavy nylon-based material that’s both strong and flexible. The Adin comes in a variety of nuanced colors, but each has a pleasing, quality feel to it in the hand or on your face. The lenses are our favorite, a polarized brown that’s made by legendary camera lens maker Carl Zeiss for industry-leading clarity and crispness.

Your favorite waterman’s favorite sunglasses, Costa’s Aransas was born for the life aquatic. Polarized true glass lenses are treated to turn away scratches, saltwater, and whatever else might splash your way. They fit flatter, with a chunky, heritage feel that doesn’t scream “fishing guide.”

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