There are some schoolyard activities that stick around past the grade school days

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Jump rope is as popular with little girls as it is buff dudes at the gym. Giant Jenga blocks have popped up in every trendy bar in America. And who among us hasn’t settled an important matter with a quick round of rock paper scissors? One activity that’s traditionally associated with kids that is surprisingly viable for adults is tricycles. They’re actually a pretty practical option for commuters, but they seem to have been relegated to commuting from the slide to the sandbox. But they don’t have to be.

The most obvious benefit of adult tricycles is their stability. Having three wheels makes for a more comfortable and sturdy ride compared to a bike. Another great thing about tricycles is that they’re a great way to haul groceries, bags, and whatever else. That’s because many of them have rear baskets between the two back wheels, so you can carry a substantial amount of groceries that would otherwise be uncomfortable on a bike or on foot. And while they’re not ideal for setting a new PR, they’re great for leisurely rides. Tricycles can also be a great option for seniors and people with disabilities. These are some of the best adult tricycles available right now.

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