The Robert Axle Projects Drive-Thru Chain Cleaner

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The Robert Axle Projects Drive-Thru Chain Cleaner

Cleaning just the chain and drivetrain can be challenging with a thru-axle ride. For a long time, the tools that were required just werent around and the homemade ones seemed to break quickly (or at least mine did). Well, The Robert Axle Project has come around to solve another problem elequently. The Robert Axle Projects Drive-Thru makes it easier to clean the chain and frame on modern thru-axle bikes, by replacing your rear wheel and allowing uninhibited access to the drivetrain and rear triangle.

Robert Axle Projects Drive-Thru Highlights

  • Available in 3 thread pitches to fit almost any bike.
  • Machined to the most precise standards in the industry.
  • No tools required, simple one-hand installation.
  • Weight: 62 grams
  • MSRP: $35

Routine drivetrain cleaning is essential for component longevity and knowing what and when gear needs replacing on your machine before its too late. The Drive-Thru is small and easily transported in gear bags or toolboxes. This tool is meant to be used anywhere from the pits at a cross race, a post-ride wipe down at the car or your home workbench replacing a derailleur pulley wheel. The knurled head makes installation and removal easy, even with greasy hands or gloves in the middle of a hose down. An o-ring captures the pulley wheel to keep it from falling off the axle and the ring is easily removed so the tool can lay flat inside a toolbox.

The Drive-Thru was conceived by frame builder, cyclocross racer and mechanic Chris McGovern. Now that The Robert Axle Project is mass-producing the tool, pro mechanics and home users alike can use it to make cleaning a thru-axle bike faster and easier than before.

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