The North Carolina Pickle Festival Is a Sweet Dill (and a Must-Visit)

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Pickle lovers from all over the country are flocking to Mount Olive, North Carolina this month to celebrate their love of everything pickles. The North Carolina pickle festival is on its 35th year of festivities, and festival-goers are ready to compete and eat buckets of pickles.

People in attendance can expect a fun-filled day packed with a pickle-packing competition, a pickle eating contest and even a chance to win $350 by singing the Mt. Olives' mascot, Ollie Q. Cumber's anthem. And let's not forget all of the pickle delicacies served up by local businesses and Mt. Olives pickles.

Looking to join in on the fun? Take a look at some of the fun events that the festival includes.

The North Carolina Pickle Festival

The Pickle Eating Contest

You think you have what it takes to eat as many pickles as you can in five minutes? This year up to twelve contestants will be competing to eat as many kosher dills as possible. The winner gets a trophy, $30 cash prize money and total bragging rights.

Tour De Pickle

One way to stay inspired on your New Years Resolutions by signing up for our Cuke Patch 5K or the Tour de Pickle!

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What's better than a bike ride on a beautiful Saturday morning? A pickle bicycle ride! Sign up for the 25, 50, or 75 milerthrough scenic Wayne, Duplin and Sampson counties in beautiful Eastern North Carolina.

Each rider receives a ride tee-shirt and riders can sign-up until the day-of.

Cuke Patch 5K / Friday Night Festivities

On Friday night, downtown Mt.Olive is the place to be. Not only will a glow fun run being held, but pay one price carnival rides will be available to anyone who wants to enjoy. There is also a free concert lined up on Friday night as well featuring The Tazz Band.

Chili Cook-Off

You better come hungry! On Friday night homestyle competitors will be competing for the best chili around. Then on Saturday teams will competein Traditional Red Chili, People's Choice Traditional Red Chili, and Salsa. Think you have a winning chili recipe? Sign up here to compete.

Mascot Race

This race is a fan favorite. Local mascots from around the area compete in a dance-off then finish with a foot race to the finish line. The winner receives their name on the conventedN.C. Pickle Festival Mascot Trophy.

Pickle Trail

Do you find yourself randomly craving pickle juice? Here are some reasons that may explain why:

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Follow the pickle trail and you'll never get lost at the festival. Check out the Mt. Olive Pickle Plaza to find out how many pickles you can pack in a jar or take a walk over to West Main Street to take a ride on the pickle train. Top the day off with a pickle snow cone and pickle-flavored popcorn.

Find more information about the festival here.

This article was originally published on Apr 10, 2018.

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