The InterView: Bob Glaser, Smith & Associates Real Estate

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About Smith & Associates: Established in 1969, Smith & Associates is the largest local and independent luxury real estate brokerage in Tampa Bay, as well as the largest LGBT-owned business in Tampa Bay. In addition to representing the consumer, Smith & Associates exclusively represents over $2 billion in future new developments yet to enter the market.

I’m from Rochester in upstate New York. My father was a carpenter by trade there at Eastman Kodak.

I had no visualization of what my life career would be, although, at a young age, I had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit and sold lemonade to the contractors building new homes in our suburb.

The greatest adversity I overcame was when I came out as a gay person to family, friends and the community. It was not easy, but it gave me the freedom to be truthful and thrive.

My inspiration comes from my early morning walks. I take one almost daily without headphones, just listening, admiring and starting my day with fresh air.

My most humbling experience has been learning how others dedicate themselves to serving others. There are so many amazing people who serve our community without the desire for financial capital for themselves.

My greatest extravagance is travel. My husband and I are always hitting our bucket list with travel plans. We enjoy backroads trips, education tours and immersing ourselves in a new location and culture. We have been to some fantastic destinations recently. One that stands out is bike riding through Patagonia.

Bob Glaser

My life motto is: Be passionate in everything you do, as you are given one life to achieve and make a difference both for yourself and others.

I usually describe Tampa Bay as having all the ingredients of a major metropolis, but with a small-town feel, defined by numerous communities which each have their own unique personalities and charm.

My early career was positively affected by real estate pioneer Dorothy Yates, who was very committed to the professional development of real estate salespeople; also, my then father-in-law Red Pittman, the former publisher of the Tampa Tribune; and of course, Mary Smith, who initially started our agency in 1969.

It has been a great honor working with so many unique personalities in the 40-plus years of my real estate career. My career has been so rewarding because of the memorable people I have met in my industry, from my own associates to staff and national individuals in my peer group.

Smith and Associates always believed as a culture that the company, the associates and the staff have to be dedicated for not-for-profit work to truly be effective. Recently with the addition of the Smith & Associates Real Estate Foundation, we are able to help so many more individuals throughout the Bay area.

The key to my success has been largely due to the individuals whom I have been surrounded with, the associates who have helped develop Smith into the market leader for Tampa Bay luxury real estate.

As the largest LGBT-owned Tampa Bay business, it’s important to be a role model in our profession. If it makes a difference for young LGBT professionals, then I am grateful.

The real estate industry has evolved into a national theater since the company’s inception, but the fact we maintained a local brand and grew our presence through referrals and personality to be the market leader on so many fronts provides me great pride and allows me to see past the challenges and continue to direct all of our efforts towards continued growth, both in market share, but also as an influencer in many of the new developments being designed and delivered and still on the drawing boards.

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The post The InterView: Bob Glaser, Smith & Associates Real Estate first appeared on Tampa Magazine.

The post The InterView: Bob Glaser, Smith & Associates Real Estate appeared first on Tampa Magazine.