The Best Men’s Altimeter Watches

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Whether you’re heading to the great outdoors to hike, rock climb, fish, bike ride, or want to spend a few days camping under the stars, one piece of gear that we put on our must-haves list is an altimeter watch. Not only is it a fun way to track your journey, but it’s literally a lifesaver.

An altimeter can inform users of their current elevation, which can be useful information when hiking in hilly and mountainous areas. By knowing your elevation, users can then find their location on a topographical map. The altimeter can track your ascent and descent and also help you confirm your elevation when climbing or hiking.

Many altimeter watches, including all three picks on our list, also include barometers, which track changes in air pressure. Low pressure typically indicates storms or plunging temperatures, while high pressure means it’s a good day to hit the trails. From a practical standpoint, this is a useful tool to inform users of the types of clothing and gear to pack but it can also be a lifesaver that helps hikers and campers head for cover when a storm is approaching.

If you’re preparing to head outdoors, don’t leave home without an altimeter watch.

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