The Best Bicycle Lights

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The world is full of different types of cyclists. Some swerve through busy city streets on their way to work. Others wait for the weekend and take their bikes to nearby trails to enjoy some fresh air. But whether you’re riding along a path at the beach or taking a leisurely Sunday cycle with your kids, one thing all bikers have in common is the need for safety. That means being visible to others and ensuring the road/path/trail/sand in front of you is also visible.

Bike lights are at the top of the safety list for cyclists right behind helmets (don’t even think about getting on a bike without a helmet). Bike lights ensure that cars and other cyclists or pedestrians can see you coming, which is important even in areas that are brightly lit. Cars move fast, so the brighter you are, the easier it is for drivers to see you and give you ample room.

We also like bike lights because of their durability and compact size, which makes them great options for making yourself visible when doing other activities in the dark, like walking the dog or camping. Heading out for an early morning jog? Strap a bike light to your fanny pack and get running.

Check out three of our top picks for bike lights below and stay safe…and bright.

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