The 16 Best Items to Attach Apple’s Airtags To

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Apple's Find My system has been helping users find their lost iPhones for years. With the Find My iPhone feature, you could quickly discover whether you left your phone at the gym or in your briefcase at work.

With the release of AirTags, Apple expanded this network to help you find more stuff.

AirTags are small circular trackers you can connect to the Find My app on your Apple devices. From there you can physically attach AirTags to your favorite items so that they’ll never go missing again.

Let's have a look at some of the best items to attach Apple's AirTags to.
1. Keys
The most obvious use of an AirTag will be as a keychain. By connecting your keys to an Apple AirTag, you’ll immediately be able to find your car or house keys instead of leaving late for work. The colors and key chain options will make this a fashionable and useful accessory.
2. Remote Control
How many times have you sat down on the couch, only to spend the next few minutes searching for the TV remote? Stop searching through couch cushions and start using an Apple AirTag. With ease in finding the remote control, you’ll never miss the start of your favorite show again.
3. Bicycle
Any child or adult who has had their bike stolen knows exactly how heart-crushing it can be. There’s nothing worse than returning to the bike rack to find an empty bike lock or a dangling wheel. By clipping an Airtag to your bike, you can track it across the city and use the information to assist you in retrieving your bike.

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4. Wallet
Your wallet may be your most important personal item. It holds your personal ID cards, credit cards, cash, business cards, and more. By using an AirTag, you can help protect yourself from theft and accidental loss.

For simple folding wallets, try slipping an AirTag into one of the card slots. For zipper wallets, try using an Airtag accessory to clip the AirTag directly to your zipper.
5. Pet Collar
Veterinarians have been microchipping pets for decades enabling owners to help relocate their lost pets. While microchips and dog tags rely on the good nature of others to help you get your pooch home safely, an AirTag will keep you in control.

You can safely locate your pet so long as they stay in proximity to another iPhone connected to the Find My network.
6. AirPods
Since your AirPods still don't work with Find My when they're closed in the case, this is a great place to attach an AirTag. Whether they’re falling into the bottom of a bag or slipping down the bottom of the sofa, AirPod cases are always disappearing.

Keep your audio close at hand and connect an AirTag so you don’t have to do a scavenger hunt before starting your morning workout.

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7. Camera Bag
An expensive camera bag is an easy item for thieves to pick up when you’re least suspecting it. Travelers are especially vulnerable to these types of crimes due to their unfamiliarity with their surroundings.

After attaching an Apple AirTag, you’ll be able to instantly monitor the exact location of your camera bag and its precious cargo. You can use these even months later when you’re trying to dig it out of storage for an event once again.
8. Backpack
Avid travelers know the importance of a good backpack. Not only is the backpack itself typically an expensive item for travelers, but it is also usually filled with all of your essentials. These include your wallet, passport, travel documents, and more. When you attach an Apple AirTag, you’re adding an extra layer of protection to your trip.
9. Suitcase
Anyone who spends a lot of time traveling by air has probably come across the issue of lost luggage. By attaching a tag to your suitcase via a luggage strap, keychain, or interior pocket, you will be able to locate whether your suitcase is in your airport, or halfway across the country, sitting unclaimed at an airline luggage station.
10. Car
Adding an AirTag to the trunk, glove box, or compartment of your car is a great way to keep track of its location in massive parking lots. If you're lost in a mega-sized lot, your iPhone will use the camera, GPS, and other tech assorted with Apple’s precision technology to help you navigate directly to your car.
11. Purse
How many times have you walked away from a countertop, only to realize that you’ve left your entire purse behind? When your whole life is in one bag, this can be a scary scenario—especially in a place like a mall.

Simply slide an AirTag into one of your purse pockets or attach it by a keychain clip and you’ll always know exactly where you’ve set your purse down. This can be helpful for those who have had purses stolen in the past.

You can even customize the AirTags with emojis or letters to make them more personal and stylish.

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12. Motorcycle
Every day across North America hundreds of motorcycles are stolen. Considering they are comparatively small, valuable, and relatively accessible, they make a coveted item for theft.

Popping an Apple AirTag into any of the bike's compartments, you can monitor your motorcycle's location. You can even use an AirTag on your bike helmet to avoid misplacing it in the morning!
13. Briefcase
A briefcase is typically filled with important documents abundant with personal and private information.

To better protect you and your clients from a potential lost or stolen briefcase, try adding an AirTag to one of the interior folds. This way, whether you make a mistake or someone else does, all of your important business work can be quickly found once again.
14. Pill Pouch
If you’re someone who needs to take multiple pill doses a day, there’s a good chance you carry a pill pouch of some sort. Many medications require timely dosing and it’s important that you can easily find your pills when necessary. With an Apple AirTag, you’ll be able to easily locate your pills for a worry-free medication routine.

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15. Teddy Bear
Is there a more precious age than the teddy bear years? Nothing can take a good nighttime routine and ruin it like a missing stuffed animal. By adding an Apple AirTag, you and your child can relax with the knowledge that their favorite stuffed toy is always within reach.
16. Laptop Case
Whether you’re a striving business executive or a student, there’s a good chance that you rely heavily on your laptop. Zipping between classes and work meetings on a busy day makes it easy to leave a laptop behind.

With an Apple AirTag in the laptop case, you won’t have to run through the building trying to retrace your steps. Just allow Apple to retrace them for you by following the precision tracking.
Apple Stalker Protection
The idea of AirTag tracking may be nerve-wracking to some; however, Airtags are stalker-proof. They have intended these devices to work specifically for items, not other people. Apple has a long-standing history as the most secure cellphone available with extreme privacy measures.

These started with a simple passcode and account protection, but have expanded throughout iOS technology. If you’re feeling concerned about your personal safety, the Find My network includes protective measures to warn you about potential close-by stalkers.