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November 3, 2020 Debbie Ellerin

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Election Day!  If you haven't already, today is the final day to cast your SECRET BALLOT! I did the early voting thing.  Although the line looked long, it only took me 25 minutes from the time I got into the line and when I completed casting my vote. Remember: No Politics, but do go follow the instruction in circles and VOTE.  16-Across. Roughly: GIVE OR TAKE.  VOTE. 21-Across. Like medicine not requiring a prescription: OVER THE COUNTER.  VOTE 48-Across. Debater for the opposition, at times: DEVIL'S ADVOCATE. VOTE. 54-Across. Place sheltered from reality: IVORY TOWER.  VOTE. And the Unifiers: 35-Across. With 37-Across, Election Day practice ... and a hint to...

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