Sunday with Joel Dommett: ‘In bed until 10am if I’m feeling fruity’

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The comedian on pancakes, croissants, battered sausages, working out and getting a ‘Sunday’ tattoo

Sunday morning? I love the feel of a Sunday, but sometimes Sundays are like Tuesdays, but a Wednesday can be a Sunday, too. If it’s a day off, I wake up at 9.30am, but stay in bed until 10am if I’m feeling fruity. Then my wife, Hannah, makes pancakes.

The perfect day? I’d work out – to earn those pancakes. Then we’ll go for a bike ride if the weather’s good. I got her a cute Dutch bike with a basket for Christmas. We’ve started going to Hampton Court along the Thames with a coffee stop. It sounds like a Richard Curtis movie… how clichéd.

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