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submitted by Mikey Bautista
It’s easy to dismiss the carabiner as an accessory that’s more function than form. After all, since its origin as a climbing essential, all it needs to do is have a functioning gate, a useful shape, and if needed, enough strength to bear loads for EDC. But just because it was born out of utility that it can’t be more useful (or appealing) for everyday carry. RovyVon’s U8 carabiner takes the original humble design and dials its fit, finish, and functionality up to 11. With an eye-catching design, tough titanium construction, and room for some extra utility, it’s definitely worth a second hook.

Even if you’ve seen hundreds of carabiners, the U8’s shape and design really catches the eye. Rather than the usual “D” shape, it instead comes with two round areas divided by its gate. The top half is roomier for attaching onto loops and straps, while the lower compartment offers a narrower track to keep attachments more compact. On the other side of the gate a small cutout works as a bottle opener, making the most out of the U8’s space without breaking any of its sleek design lines.

The entire package is made from titanium, giving the carabiner a great balance of high strength and low weight, with the U8 measuring 2.25“ lengthwise and weighing a hair under an ounce. While not designed for extreme load bearing or serious climbing activities, it’s still rated by RovyVon to carry up to 220 pounds (100 kg) of your gear, above and beyond day to day EDC needs. A sandblasted finish completes its look, letting the U8 fit right in with other titanium tools.

A carabiner is just a carabiner, until one comes along that stands out and hooks your attention. Pick up the RovyVon U8 titanium carabiner from Amazon at the link below.

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