Style Scenario: Chinos Chukkas Polo – Black and Stone

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Chinos, Chukkas, and a Polo is our ongoing series out to prove the benefits of this simple combination during the warmer months. There’s a million ways to do it, the benefits are numerous and significant, and it can be executed at all levels of style budgets. Head here for a further explanation as to why chinos, chukkas, and a polo works. Click here for the growing archive. Got a suggestion for Chinos, Chukkas, & a Polo? Send those into

The Inspiration: This is what we’re drawing from. Yes, 007 is wearing a jacket in this scene (which seems like overkill for Haiti in summer), but the color scheme remains the same. Black up top, stone/light tan chinos, and some brown desert boots. Let’s put it all together.

Chinos Chukkas Polo 7720 Black and Tan

The Polo: Target All in Motion Tech Pique Golf Polo in Black – $22. Yes, it’s still hot out, but don’t let that stop you from wearing this black polo. As long as it’s not boiling and you’re standing in direct sun, you should be okay here. The pique texture keeps the fabric off your skin, and the moisture-wicking “tech” properties take care of everything else. Great temperature regulation with this one. Moreover, it doesn’t have the “shiny” finish a lot of tech polos have, and that collar is truly something else.

The Chinos: Bonobos Tech Chino in Soft Khaki – $138. Oft neglected, the “sand” or “stone” shade of khaki is just as versatile as its more earthen cousin. Now, Bonobos stuff has a price. It’s usually high. But, in turn, you get an excellent fit and fantastic materials. Enough reviewers proclaim these as their favorite pair of pants, and that doesn’t go unnoticed. A little thriftier? Try the $40 All In Motion Golf Pants in khaki for a similar vibe, or the tried and true BR Core Temp in “baja sand”.

The Chukkas: Clarks Desert Boot with Crepe Sole in Beeswax – $90ish. Or your favorite brown leather or suede chukkas. This outfit lets a lot of different neutrals do their thing, making the overall look greater than the sum of its parts. And another note: that patina is FREE. One thing to note? Don’t expect the crepe soles to keep you upright if you’re jumping around on slick docks and between speeding motorboats. Crepe has a tendency to hydroplane. So yeah, stick to the sandy streets with these.

The Sunglasses: American Optics Pilot Sunglasses – $100-130ish. Can’t stomach springing for Randolph Engineering aviators, with their now eye-popping $300 price tag? These pilots from American Optics look 95% the part at less than half the price. Still not cheap, but they’re made in the USA, and they’re a heritage brand. Can’t go wrong here.

The Watch: Citizen BM8475-00F Eco-Drive Watch – $150-200ish on a 22mm aftermarket NATO strap – $20. Hm.. I don’t remember this being as expensive when I bought it almost 10 years ago, but here we are. Either way, this is a really unique watch, with black numerals on a black watch face. Is it hard to read? Yep. Does it look cool? Sure! And remember, you don’t have to match your leathers exactly. If you feel like this is starting to get a little matchy-matchy in regards to the color scheme? Wear a dive watch. Do as 007 does.

The Belt: GAP Square Buckle Belt in Chocolate – $22 ($39.95). Let’s play around with the shades of brown even a bit more. The dark chocolate doesn’t make for a cognac-colored splash in the middle of your subdued neutrals, and blends in nicely with the darker shirt color. The unexpected square buckle shape is a nice bonus.

The Backpack: Timbuk2 Authority Deluxe Slim Backpack – $98.90* ($149). *Will go on sale during the upcoming Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Starts 8/19 for non cardmembers. Why a backpack? Just in case you’re on a bike (motor or pedal powered) and need to get stuff from point A to point B. Designed to keep a slim profile and still pack the essentials, the Timbuk2 Authority backpack keeps you organized on the go. Nice airflow channels on the side facing your back so you don’t end up all swampy. Speaking of swampy..

The Socks: Innotree Merino Wool Socks 2-Pack – $17.99. If you’ve ever peeled off damp, gross socks at the end of a long day, you’ll appreciate the moisture-wicking merino wool can give your feet. Treat your feet nice. Good cushioning here too. A favorite around these parts because they’re inexpensive and perform well. Maybe not the greatest looking socks in the world, but… well, when you’re running around like a maniac trying to save the world, one must make sacrifices. You can always just wear solid charcoal socks if the little mountains on these cheap merino socks bug you.

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