Speedy apple cake by Anja Dunk

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Richly infused with the author’s childhood memories, this simple and fruity pound cake is an everyday treat

Growing up, a version of this apple pound cake sat on the work surface of our kitchen day in day out, a regular fixture to a space in constant flux. I suppose because it was always there I didn’t view it as a treat, despite it being sweet. From Monday to Friday it was tucked into our lunch boxes, wrapped in brown paper, when all my brother and I really wanted was a KitKat like everyone else. We complained about it, of course, but it remained ever constant. My dad used to take it to work with him in a dish, with cream sloshing about, on the back of his bike every morning; good cake, he would tell my mum at night, good cake, to which my brother and I would roll our eyes at each other.

We didn’t know it at the time, but as we flew the nest this cake was to become one of the things we missed most about home. Like many of the recipes that came by way of my Grossmutter, this one is simple and good in the plainest sense – an everyday cake and one that now sits on our kitchen work surface, too.

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