Save Money And Stress On Your Next Removalist Job!

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We all went through it when you needed something small or large moved by removalists, or even moving your car or a bike.

How do you find some car transport company that will show up on time, won’t break your bank and will take care of all your lovely stuff without damaging it?

Well thanks to the internet and digitalisation era we live in, a new company is promising to solve all this. Upmove are innovators in the field and anyone with heavy or large shipments can easily find trusted removalists. They also have movers on their platform who can take care of your not-so-everyday stuff like motorcycle transport or car transport.


So how Upmove works?

Simply go onto their website and submit your job, add a quick description of what needs to be moved, few pictures if you have and wait for removalists to start competing for your lot!

Upmove works by simply combining all removalists and car transport companies in one place, vet and check them for you, so you don’t need to roam the whole internet.

We’ve all heard stories about people being scammed out of their time and money by unreliable transport companies. Upmove provides protection through their open data features and their verification processes just for that little extra piece of mind.

Top-rated local Australian removalists in one platform
Direct message only your selected providers as you wish
Save time and money by having everyone in one place

It works the same if you just bought a brand new, shiny car or a motorcycle. Just add in the details and quotes will start flying in. Car transport companies have both enclosed and open vehicles, so a direct messaging option comes in handy if you want to protect your brand new whip. Of course the same applies to motorcycle transport providers.


So how Upmove helps you save?

How come it becomes cheaper to hire removalists for the end user while having another company in the process? Again it’s real simple and it’s down to digital technology. First of all Upmove creates a very competitive, auction-style environment for the benefit of a user in mind. Secondly, it charges removalists, motorcycle transport and other companies and not you and because competition drives prices down it leaves room for Upmove to step in and improve where others lack behind. Thirdly, and this is where most savings come from, removalists themselves are able to match their existing routes and jobs and squeeze you along the way – that way offering you lower rates.

Huge savings are claimed on car transport from one place to another since vehicles can also be popped in along the way of where drivers are already travelling. This ultimately allows you to buy a car anywhere in the country and have it delivered on time and budget.


It’s all great sounds wonderful, but some things never change – always expect to spend more during peak months and you may even struggle finding removalists who can confirm and guarantee your booking. Times like Christmas, Easter or even a rain season can affect your final rate.

Be sure to stay flexible with your booking times, as your chosen removalist may get you on board on a less busy day tomorrow for a few bucks less!

Of course then comes an option of choosing open or enclosed car transport for example. Upmove who also deals with businesses like car repair shops highly recommends choosing open car transport carriers for non-running or salvage vehicles and save that way.

Do a lot of research yourself about the carriers available in your area based on their online reviews, credibility and trustworthiness. If you don’t want to go through all that hassle simply use Upmove as it is the perfect tool you can trust and most importantly – save.

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