Pictures of Health 2021: Kenneth P. Pages, M.D.

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Dr. Pages is 100% focused on treating Major Depressive Disorder using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). He has treated over 1,0000 patients with the groundbreaking technology, helping people who have tried treating their depression with antidepressant medication and not had success. In addition to having advanced training from Harvard, Dr. Pages helped pioneer NeuroStar TMS Therapy in Florida and has devoted his practice to advancing the technology. He recently was recognized as a Diamond Rated NeuroStar Advanced Therapy Provider, the highest Stellar Distinction, and he was voted among Tampa’s Top Doctors three years in a row in Tampa Magazine.

How is TMS different from traditional methods of treating depression, like antidepressants and therapy? TMS is different because it does not use medication. It very specifically targets an area of the brain believed to be responsible for symptoms of depression. Magnetic pulses activate these areas of the brain to bring it to a more normal state and make the person less depressed. TMS is more effective than medications for treatment-resistant patients, and it may be more effective than medication generally.

Can I receive TMS if I’m currently taking medication? Absolutely. TMS is completely safe and effective for patients, whether they happen to be on medication or not.

Are there any health risks associated with TMS? No, there are no health risks involved, which is another difference from medications. TMS has been under investigation and used for more than 30 years. It is the safest psychiatric treatment available.

TMS of South Tampa has now been using TMS for eight years. What kind of impact has it had on your patients? It’s had a terrific impact on patients who are tired of medications causing side effects and not helping. The results from my practice show 74% of patients feel better after TMS, and 40% of patients have a complete resolution of their depression. TMS has also had a great impact on myself and my staff, helping us feel better about the service we provide.

TMS is now covered by a wide variety of insurance plans. Why is that important for patients? Patients want proven medical treatments to be covered by insurance. TMS is now an affordable option for many more people. At TMS of South Tampa, we accept Cigna, United, Aetna, Medicare, Baycare, Woods & Associates and Tricare, and we are now in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana.

Who is a good candidate for TMS? Anyone with major depression is a good candidate for TMS. For insurance to cover the treatment, patients will need to have tried and failed to treat their depression with traditional medications and therapy. Recently, I have also added TMS treatments for anxiety, PTSD, tinnitus and migraines to my practice.


Favorite outdoor activity? Riding my bike daily on Bayshore

Favorite Tampa event? Tampa Museum of Art’s Pavilion

Have any pets? Tita, a toy poodle named after my aunt; and Vivienne, a schnoodle named after fashion designer Vivienne Westwood


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