Our Favorite Accessory Trends of Summer 2021

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Accessories can take any outfit or persona to another level, but they can also act as subtle ways to elevate your personal style. Accessories can add personality and individuality to any aspect of your style. You have the freedom to decide how you’re going to present yourself.

 Every summer, new accessories find their way into the mainstream, and trends are born. From sustainability to technology, this year’s trends are better than ever. With another summer season underway, we’re taking a look at our favorite accessory trends of the season.

Reusable Net Bags

Sustainability is no longer a passing trend but a long-term goal for many shoppers. Every year we’re introduced to new ways to improve our sustainability without compromising style, and this summer, net bags are the hottest accessory.

Net bags have been popular among beach-goers, but they’re quickly finding their way into other routine aspects of our lives. Most recently, modern shoppers favor this eco-friendly alternative to plastic supermarket bags. The best part — there are several unique ways to style your net bag.

Customized Tech

When it comes to technology, accessories can range from wireless headphones to selfie sticks. This year, customization is taking center stage. In particular, phone cases are becoming more colorful and unique as various celebrities and brands are creating their own versions.

Even YouTubers are expanding their brands to include fashionable tech accessories. Content creators like Azzyland, who have amassed multi-million subscribers, are branching out and building their own brands, including apparel and phone cases. Fans can feel like they’re a bigger part of her community and shop her unique Azzyland phone cases directly from her website — just one of the ways customized tech accessories are trending this summer.

Comfortable & Quilted

The quilted aesthetic has been previously associated only with high-end luxury brands like Chanel, but this year this chic look is making its way into more affordable stores and styles. Quilted shoes and bags are a sleek new addition to any wardrobe and are often available in either neutral or bold colors.

Bucket Hats Making a Comeback

There are several 90s trends we’ve seen come and go, from halterneck crop tops to bike shorts as everyday wear. One of the biggest trends this summer is the return of the bucket hat. This quintessential 90s accessory is returning with purpose. It’s no longer something only young children will dawn — thanks to many designers making bucket hats of their own with stylish fabrics, colors, and patterns.

Pearl Accents

Pearls are no longer just for aristocrats. These days, pearls are a common facet of well-priced accessories and can add an element of sophistication without the extreme price tag. From stacked bracelets to pearls sewn into knitwear, this refined element is one of the summer’s biggest trends.

Summer is the perfect season to experiment with new trends. Whether you prefer to embrace the 90s or add jeweled elements from decades past, there are always new and unique ways to make these accessories your own.

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