No other component upgrade will make as much of a difference as wheels.

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A new wheelset is one of the best performance upgrades you can give a bike and will make an insane difference to your riding experience. Lightweight, strong, and stiff wheels reduce rotational weight to provide more speed for less effort and improving climbing, acceleration and tire contact area. So make you and your ride faster – while saving cash in the process.

PRICE: $487.99 – SAVE 25 % MSRP $649.00

Keeping up with tire trends is about as easy as winning a World Cup race. With the innovation of plus-sized tires, there’s no shortage of options on the market. It was with the development of new tire sizes in mind that Spank designed the Oozy Trail 395+ wheels. Spank’s new wheels accommodate plus-sized tires while maintaining compatibility with regular-sized tires. They give you the ultimate freedom to ride what you like and try new stuff out. Comprised of high-quality aluminum, the rims are light and stiff, providing optimal power transfer. Straight pull, triple-butted spokes are laced with alloy nipples. Spank’s hubs are meticulously crafted with a 3 pawl system using 30T engagement, making them fast and reliable. With adapters available for all popular dropouts, Spanks wheels are highly versatile. They are light and reliable, they fit a range of tire sizes, and they won’t break your bank. The Oozy Trail 395+ wheelset has it all.


PRICE: $179.99 – SAVE 59 % MSRP $439.99

You can’t just ride offroad on any wheels. Some wheels can’t take a beating like a wheel that is designed for offroad riding. The Easton EA90 XD Disc 700c Road Wheel is designed for cyclocross. It was designed from the ground up specifically for the needs of the emerging generation of disc-enabled cyclocross, gravel, and adventure bikes. The rims are tubeless ready so you can set them up tubeless and drop the tire pressure for better traction and better ride quality. Hubs use Easton’s M1 sealed cartridge bearings and are compatible with 6-bolt discs.


PRICE: $189.99 – SAVE 44 % MSRP $339.99

When it comes to your bike’s performance, nothing beats a new wheelset. An upgrade in wheels will have a significant impact on your bike’s ride quality. The Wheel Master 29″ Mavic EN323 Wheelset is a lightweight and durable wheelset designed for cross-country and trail riding. It has Mavic EN323 rims paired with Shimano hubs. The rims are double-walled for increased strength and durability. The hubs are disc brake specific and the rear hub is designed for 8 to 10-speed cassettes.


PRICE: $1,699.99 – SAVE 41 % MSRP $2,900.00

Ride without limitations with the newly reinvented M series Enve wheels. They’ve been reinvented to provide a smoother ride with more control and less harshness. The new M-Series now features Dynamic Impact Design, which sets out to solve the problems often associated with traditional hook-less carbon rim designs. It does so by introducing two new features that include a wide hook-less bead or a protective rim strip depending on the model. Not to bag on hook-less rims since they are in fact strong, lightweight, and are reliable for tubeless setups, but let’s be honest here, they are harsh and super susceptible to pinch flats!

Meet the future of gravity riding and racing, the M735. It is incredibly strong and debuts the most effective and lightest ant-flat system currently on the market (Enve’s patent-pending protective rim strip). the rim strip on the M735 offers unprecedented pinch flat resistance and provides you with the ability to run lower pressure to improve traction and rolling resistance. It also provides your precious rim a buffer between it and the trail in case you somehow end up flatting out. Ride without limits or restrictions and go all out as you were born to do. Your confidence in cornering and plowing through rock gardens will certainly get a boost.


PRICE: $22.99 – SAVE 62 % MSRP $60.00

This bottom bracket fits Specialized frames with 84.5 mm shell width and an inner shell diameter of 42mm. Shimano XTR quality bearing and materials.


PRICE: $49.99 – SAVE 50 % MSRP $100.00

The Foundation Bench/Wall Mount Bike Repair Stand is comprised of super reliable steel with a durable powder-coated finish. It can be easily mounted on benches or walls using the flange holes (Lag bolts not included). The clamp can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of top tube and seatpost sizes, and the clamp can be loosened and rotated 360 degrees, to accommodate any number of working positions. The clamp features a large, comfortable handgrip, to secure the bike in place with ease. Grab a Foundation Bench/Wall Mount Bike Repair Stand and start working on your bike!

PRICE: $25.99 – SAVE 63 % MSRP $69.99

For those of us running 1×10 setups and looking for a wider gear range out of our cassettes, First Components throws another option into the ring. This cassette expander cog will turn your Shimano 11-36 XT or XTR cassette into an 11-42 allowing for a much lower climbing gear. This is accomplished by removing the 15T and 17t cog in your cassette, installing the expander cog and the 16T where your 15T and 17T came off. First Components kindly include a longer B-limit screw to allow your derailleur clearance to enter the 42T cog. Note: A longer chain will most likely be needed post-installation. 


PRICE: $1,199.99

The advent of wider road wheels, tubeless technologies, and disc brakes have facilitated and enabled the adventurer in every one of us to get out and explore roads and paths we never once even imagined. That’s where Revin steps in and reveals their high-performance offering for all who dare to set out and conquer every paved/unpaved road they can. The Revin Cycling G21 Gravel RD Wheelset offers super lightweight, reliable performance in a range of terrain and conditions. They’re tubeless compatible and are perfect for off-road adventures. At the center are the high-performance DT Swiss 350 hubs with center lock compatibility for more consistent and reliable braking performance.


PRICE: $799.99 – SAVE 33 % MSRP $1,200.00

R35 Carbon Road Wheels are lightweight, reliable performance in a range of terrain and conditions. They’re tubeless compatible and include 3M tubeless rim tape. At the center are the iconic DT Swiss 350 hubs. They’re precision-machined with aluminum and optimized for efficiency with excellent engagement. Tying the wheel together, Sapim straight-lace spokes boast their excellent engineering and lightweight strength.


PRICE: $1,199.99

When Revin tasked themselves with building a strong, light, and durable Enduro wheel, they knew the odds were stacked against them. But nevertheless, they persevered. Their new E29 Carbon Enduro Wheel stands as the fruit of their labor. These wheels deliver lightweight, reliable performance in a range of terrain and conditions. They’re tubeless compatible and include 3M tubeless rim tape and tubeless valve stems, so you can get rolling right out of the box. At the center are the iconic DT Swiss 350 boost hubs. They’re precision-machined with aluminum and optimized for efficiency with excellent engagement. Sapim’s Race spokes tie the wheel together with their excellent engineering and lightweight strength.

Riding Enduro places a great demand on riders and their bikes. When you’re riding long, aggressive stages, you need a wheel that can handle the abuse of descent while still spinning fast on the climbs. And these are facts that the engineers at Revin are well aware of. That’s why they designed their E29 Carbon Enduro wheels to give you the best of both worlds. With a super low 1730 gram complete weight, they’re outstandingly light. And yet, with 28 spokes front and rear, and proprietary hybrid modulus carbon layup that features an asymmetric rim design, they’re also exceptionally strong. 

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