Newrons Curvy Wooden Electric Motorcycle Is Now Taking Preorders

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WhenNewron Motors first launched the EV-1 electric bike, some were skeptical of the wood-paneled concept's real-life potential. But the French startup is already taking preorders for the eye-popping creation, with the aim of rolling out the first examples next year.

While Newron's all-electric model faces equally striking competition fromZero Motorcyclesand Curtiss Motorcycle Co., its NV-1 is billed as the "first electric power cruiser." Propulsion comes from a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) engine with 177 ft-lbs of torque capable of shooting its rider to 62 mph in under three seconds instantaneously. Top speed is electronically limited to just under 125 mph.

The exoskeleton chassis links the front end to the rear end with a high-density cylindrical battery pack, which serves both as a core structural component and the power source. The EV-1 can cruiseup to 186 miles on a single charge in the city and 136 miles on the highway. A CCS plug can recharge battery back to 80 percent in 40 minutes when plugged in to a DC charge station, while the standard 3 kwh on-board charger can charge it to full capacity in 5 hours at home. An upgraded 7 kWh charger can do the same in half the time.

Other key features include 320mm disc brakes with Beringer-designed CNC'ed aluminum alloy calipers, ABS, lightweight carbon-fiber rims, and a smartphone-compatible Newron App that riders can use to make on-the-fly ride adjustments to the shocks and driving modes.

Priced at just over $65,000, the Newron EV-1 can be reserved now with a refundable $2172.98 payment (2000.00). Only 12 will be produced initially, so head to Newron Motors website to start the pre-order process now if interested.