My Latest Snag: The Everlane Shirred Mini Dress.

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Everlane sent me the cutest mini dress ($78 — I got it in white but the black would also be fantastic) and it is a total dream. I feel like the proportions make it look higher-end than it is (Ganni?), and I love the voluminous body and balloon sleeves. It is supremely easy to wear on a hot day with slides and hair up in a top knot. I took it in the XXS and it is very generously cut, but that’s the style. I surprisingly did not have to have it hemmed — it hits me a few inches above the knee and feels comfortably demure/not too short. I think I will be living in this!

P.S. More white dresses here, and my most worn-at-home dresses here.

You’re Soooo Popular: Carrie Forbes Mules.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+Carrie Forbes x J. Crew mules.

+SZ Blockprints Jodhpur dress.

+My favorite racerback tank! (On sale!)

+These $20 slides are still tres popular.

+The best utility storage bins — great for under-sink area, utility closet, batteries, pet supplies, etc.

+Seriously fun napkins for your next game night gathering.

+A Birkin-like bag — woven, $115, free ship!

+Clever first day / last day school pennant for littles. Can be reused for every grade!

+Toddler water shoes.

+Round woven bowl.

+Cire Trudon candles!

Weekend Musings: Pride of Ownership.

The realtor representing the sellers from whom we are buying described our future home as “displaying pride of ownership.” The phrase couldn’t be more accurate. Everything about the house has been impeccably maintained, and the sellers even generously offered up a “guide” of sorts to the home, including tips, service history for appliances, paint colors, etc — the sheer existence of which demonstrates the loving care they have shown their home.

The phrase of “pride of ownership” has been percolating ever since. What a lovely thought, and not just within the context of real estate. Where do I demonstrate “pride of ownership”? What do I preen, nurture, maintain with devotion? In my 20s, Mr. Magpie once commented that I was “hard on my belongings.” I know what he meant. I was reckless with my clothes in particular — I did not take the time to separate colors in the laundry; I would wear an impractical white dress to a muddy outdoor event; I routinely disregarded laundering instructions; I strode satin shoes through the rain. I have come a long way over the last decade and a half. I have become increasingly dedicated to the admittedly annoying task of air drying items rather than running them through the drier to prolong their lives, and have become obsessive about stain removal. I wear sunscreen constantly. Since the start of the warmer weather this season, I have steamed my clothing daily. I blow-dry my hair every other day. Thanks to a Magpie tip, I launder performance fabrics separately. I run. I maintain all of my regular check-ups for dermatology, dentistry, general wellness, OBGYN, etc. I spend a fortune having items tailored– if I am wearing it, I want it to fit properly! I will not wear high heels if a long walk or cobblestones are involved. I keep bandaids in my purse. I keep my ring sparkling with this genius pen. I put jewelry back in their boxes or bags rather than letting them pile up in a dish on my bedside table. (This occasionally requires herculean effort on my behalf.) I check the weather. This last one is key: if there is even a remote chance of rain, or cooler temperatures, I completely change my planned outfit in the name of practicality. I am over wet feet and cold fingers and hemlines damaged by mud or wet grass. Just wear the anorak and rain boots, Jen! At some point in my 20s, I might have thought I was making a concession to practicality — “you’re forfeiting the perfect shoes because of a sprinkling of rain?!” Now, I am viewing it as something else: pride of ownership.

What do you think? Do you take care of yourself with something akin to “pride of ownership”?

Post-Scripts: Storage Solution.

+Such a clever and attractive solution for stowing spices in a small space! I used something very similar (but less attractive) in our old apartment to wedge alongside our washer/dryer. You’ll need to check the dimensions on this particular one, but it worked for stowing cleaning supplies and select laundry items (dryer sheets, etc) and was such a handy way to hide that stuff! (More great storage solutions here and here.)

+Monogrammed seersucker pouches for everything.

+A midi tee dress that will take you from Sweetgreen salads with a girlfriend to running after your mini at the park.

+These running shorts are on sale for $25 and get good reviews.

+More summer athletic wear here! Note that some of the new Tnuck Sport items have sold out or are low in stock, but this gingham athletic skirt is still available!

+Super fun top. (More statement tops here.)

+Still some good Nordstrom sale finds to be had — I love this distressed sweatshirt (40% off) styled over bike shorts; this is the best nursing bra ever; and I love the color and shape of this blue half-zip.

+So many items on my lust list from Emerson Fry at the moment – love this breezy white dress for everyday, this adorable floral top, and this blue block print maxi.

+I have a pair of white earring similar to these that I wear several times a week.

+Another fun pair of earrings and even more fun statement jewelry here.

+These denim shorts have been very popular on le blog! More sizes and washes here.

+A chic and packable straw hat!!!!

+Fun option for the FOJ. I like the maxi length!

+More FOJ outfits for the entire family.

+Seriously cute woven bag for $64.

+If you’re a fan of Birks, these are Birk-like floral beauties for a little lady — under $15!

+SUCH a gorgeous striped dress ($102!)

+Thank you to the reader who sent along this wearable rosary bracelet. The Hail Mary has seen me through more tough times than I care to think about. A sweet gift for a fellow novena enthusiast.

+How amazing would this custom house portrait be as a gift for a homeowner displaying “pride of ownership” or as a memento of a home that is about to be sold?

+These shades are epic.

+Must-haves for living in Manhattan.

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