Meet Cubii: The Under-Desk Exercise Machine Made for the Work-From-Home World

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Now that the majority of adults are working from home, we feel it’s more important than ever to take advantage of our limited space. While it’s not always possible to squeeze a full-fledged exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine into your home, you can certainly find space for a Cubii.

Cubii is basically a shrunken elliptical, but solely made for your feet. Most will stick it under their desk, but truthfully, this small device can fit just about anywhere, as it doesn’t take up much more space than a shoebox. Okay, maybe a Shaq-sized shoebox. The Cubii weighs around 27 pounds, so you’re not going to want to lug it around your home every other hour, but thanks to its clever shape and built-in handle, moving it from desk to couch is easy.

And speaking of easy, the Cubii is extremely easy to use. There’s no on button that needs pushing, no plug that needs connecting. Simply set it down and start peddling. Once you get going, you’ll notice the LCD springs to life, giving you feedback on your overall performance, calories burned and distance traveled. The Cubii comes ready to use right out of the box and has eight resistance settings to keep you working hard no matter your skill level.

For all these reasons, we recently rated the Cubii Pro as the Best Overall Under-Desk Elliptical.

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Buy: Cubii Pro $349.00

To be clear, this is not a replacement for the gym. In these trying times where we all find ourselves cooped up inside, the Cubii will not replace going for a run or walk. However, the Cubii still offers plenty of benefits. In our eyes, the Cubii gives you the opportunity to get moving while staying seated. It’s a fantastic way to keep the blood pumping when you otherwise wouldn’t.

For starters, the Cubii gives your mind something mundane to focus on while working. Think of this like a fidget spinner or stress ball but, you know, for your feet. Instead of squeezing the life out of that promotional stress ball you got at your last conference, let your legs roam freely as you conquer that spreadsheet. And instead of playing with your pen cap, AirPods case or fidget spinner while taking that sales call, take your legs for a spin with the Cubii.

The next benefit we love about the Cubii is it’s easy to start and stop. You just place your feet on the machine and start pedaling. Pedal as long as you’d like and when you’re done, you simply stop. That’s it. No on/off button. No need to fiddle with an app or your phone.

The Cubii comes in three versions: Cubii Jr., Cubii Pro and Cubii Elite. The Elite and Pro are the same minus the finish, with the Elite coming in a handsome wooden finish. The main difference between the Jr. and the Pro (outside of price) is Bluetooth connectivity. With the Pro, you get a Bluetooth-enabled tracking app that shows your daily and overall progress. You can even connect your Cubii to your Fitbit app. If you’re the type who loves to geek out over data, we’d highly recommend going Pro. Though the Jr. is still a great tool, the LCD doesn’t do the greatest job conveying data. What’s more, it’s not always clear how much you did that day versus your lifetime usage of the Cubii.

Here’s the bottom line: At $250, the Cubii Jr. is definitely more affordable. But if you like to set regular goals for yourself and tick them off on a daily basis, the Pro is the Cubii for you. And at $350, it still costs less than most home exercise elliptical machines.

Regardless of which Cubii you pick, you’re going to get a great device that will encourage you to keep the blood flowing all day long.

Buy: Cubii Pro $349.00


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