Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for squash and sweetcorn erriseri

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A rich, sweet-sour vegetable stew with rich coconut milk and tart lime

In Mumbai, up to 200,000 dabbas, or containers of home-cooked food, are delivered from people’s homes to workplaces every day by dabbawalas, who travel on foot or by bike. It’s an epic story of India’s love of home cooking, and of sustainability.

Now, thanks to Anshu Ahuja and her company, Dabba Drop, Londoners can eat her Indian home cooking delivered by bike. This erriseri – a sweet, rich and sour stew – is a go-to recipe for Anshu’s family: it’s what her grandmother used to make for Sunday lunch, it’s what her mother makes if guests turn up and it’s what Anshu now makes for friends and family.

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