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How is your self isolation going?  Are you safe & sound?  I really hope so, sending my love to you all.  What are you doing to keep yourselves busy, I would love to hear from you.

We all deal with any crisis in different ways, we are all on a huge learning curve and we aren’t always perfect, we are now having to learn a temporary new normal.  One thing I do know is that we need to take these measures seriously and not abuse the freedoms we still have.  We must make sure that we exercise and get a routine going.  Get outside and exercise in this beautiful weather we are currently having, go for a run, a walk or a bike ride, but, making sure we keep to the rules.  Yoga is such a good discipline at the moment it will help us focus, calm our minds and keep our bodies strong, a daily practice will make all the difference.

Over the next few weeks let’s have a look at all the things we can do to keep ourselves busy from self care to learning new skills and going through old photos, perhaps uploading to a digital version. Making sure we all reconnect on a deeper level with all the people we love and care about.

My heart is with all of you who are affected or simply in fear, we can move forward, we are strong and we will shine again.