Lima, Llamas, and Nazca lines: the 12 best places to visit in Peru

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When I say Peru is a travellers dream, I mean it. Thats because the country itself is absolutely huge, and there are heaps of routes for anyone backpacking Peru. Do you like historic ruins and the hikes that lead to them? Peru has those. Do you like hanging out at beaches, getting in some surf? Peru has those, too! What about lively cities packed with culture and nightlife? Check! All of the best places to visit in Peru will leave you with travel memories for years to come.

best places to visit in peru, Parque de la Reserva, in Lima at sunset

Parque de la Reserva, in Lima, :@halfhalftravel

How to decide where to visit in Peru

There are a variety of different landscapes and cultures in Peru, so there are lots of cities and areas that could be considered the best places to visit in Peru. Theres the coast, with its cliffs and Pacific shores, there are the Andes Mountains, with their soaring peaks and indigenous people, and theres the Amazon region and the famous high-up Lake Titicaca. Theres a lot to prepare for, from high altitudes in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, to being surrounded by wildlife deep in the jungle. Theres everything in between, as well as heaps ofawesome hostels all over Peru.

I like learning about Peruvian culture indigenous tribes, ingredients in foods Id never seen or tasted before (including some of the hottest chili peppers on Earth) and the influence of Spanish colonialism that you can see in the architecture.

best places to visit in peru, desserts in a Lima bakery

Desserts in a Lima bakery,:@halfhalftravel

Check out these top places to visit in Peru if youre just starting to figure out where to travel during your South America backpacking trip.

Best places to visit in Coastal Peru

1. Centro Historico & Chinatown, Lima

best places to visit in peru, A Buddha in a store window in Limas bustling Chinatown

A Buddha in a store window in Limas bustling Chinatown, :@halfhalftravel

Travellers might skip over Lima, the cliff-side capital of the country, considering it as a place to fly in and fly out of. But Im gonna tell you a secret Lima has a LOT to see and is one of the best cities in Peru to visit! You can spend anywhere between two and four days in Lima.

In Lima, theres the trendy and revitalised Barranco neighbourhood thats home to a cluster of new bars and restaurants. A fun thing to do is take a bike tour around the area and admire all the new street art that has popped up in recent years.

You can also visit two places I prefer above all others, the Centro Historico (historic centre) and Barrio Chino (Chinatown). Conveniently theyre next to each other, so you can create your own walking tour to see all the sights in one go. While youre in Barrio Chino, stop at any eatery for chaufa cuisine, which is Peruvian-Chinese fusion.

The best time to go to Lima is from December to April, which is summer in Peru. Starting in August and September, the coast of the country will have a dense fog that hangs in the sky for many months, so youll want to avoid this.

There is a long list of hostels in Lima, check out our website and take your pick!Selina Miraflores Lima combines both style with Peruvian touches. Theres even a bar and a cinema room!

How many days: 2-4

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2. The Nazca Lines

best places to visit in peru, Nazca Lines from above

The Nazca Lines are a historic phenomenon and one of the most mysterious places you can visit in Peru. If youre one of those people who love watching conspiracy videos, youll love this spooky spot. They are a series of huge lines drawn in the desert by pre-Columbian indigenous tribes, shaped like animals and themes from nature, and theyve somehow stood the test of time. They were so advanced for their time that some people believe they were created by aliens!

If you take a bus hop with an operator like Peru Hop, youll have a quick stop at the Nazca Lines, or you can otherwise choose to spend a night. The best way to see the lines is from above, as theyre not visible from ground-level. You can head to the viewing tower near the highway or splash out on a helicopter ride.

One day is enough to see these puzzling sights, but there are a lot of hostels in Nazca too if you wanna take more time to explore. Travellers have wonderful things to say about Nazca Lodge, a homely retreat thats a relaxed place to meet other backpackers.

How many days: 1-2

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3. Huacachina Desert

best places to visit in peru, girl standing in the desert at sunset in Huacachina


When people think Peru, they dont usually think desert with rolling sand dunes, but thats exactly what youll find in Huacachina. Adrenaline junkies will love it here. Why? Because the main activity in Huacachina is touring the oasis town and then jumping in a dune buggy! Youll be driven fast in an open-air buggy, racing over the dunes and then coasting down the slopes.There are adventure sports on offer too. Have you ever sand-boarded? Well this is your chance!

Huacachina is a year-round destination, because its desert location means its always hot and dry. Pack your sunscreen and hydrate, because theres no bad time to go. Most travellers tend to spend one full day in Huacachina, for a dune buggy and sandboard excursion in the desert. If youd like to take a second day to relax in the sunshine (which is beaming nearly every day) at your hostel pool, thats a cool idea too.

For me, one of the most memorable parts of staying overnight in Huacachina was waking up and seeing a giant sand dune right outside my hostel. Check out your options from all the hostels in Huacachina.Bananas Adventure screams all things backpacker, with a large swimming pool, cocktail bar and free brekkie. Woo-hoo!

How many days: 2-3

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4. Mancora

best places to visit in peru, beach at Las Pocitas, Mancora

Las Pocitas, Mancora, :@lorenzonuccipe

Surfs up! Mancora is one of Perus surf hubs, so if youre a beach-lover looking for a good party, add this to your top places to visit in Peru. The best time to go is between May and November, which covers fall, winter and spring in Peru.

What attracts travellers to Mancora besides its beach is the lively nightlife, where youre bound to meet other like-minded travellers. For the best backpacker-friendly parties, head to hostels like Loki Del Mar or Wild Rover Mancora for rowdy events on most nights where anyone is welcome. On the beach itself, there are a cluster of four bars that have tunes blasting all evening.

During the day, find options for yoga, cafes, pizza and ceviche in the town. Make sure youre on the beach for sunset, as those Pacific views cant be beat.

To get to Mancora, you can easily fly from other domestic airports, like Lima. You can also take a bus, as the country is pretty well connected. You can spend anywhere between one and four days here, depending on your flexibility.

While you catch a wave or two, take your pick of the awesome hostels in Mancora. The Point Mancora Beach Hostel is a solid choice and a solid party. Massive swimming pool? Check. Poolside bar? Check. Cheap beds? Check!

How many days: 1-4

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5. Trujillo

best places to visit in peru, Trujillo rooftops

Trujillo is a charming city where you can spend three days and still have things to do. Known as the City of Eternal Spring to the locals, its a beautiful coastal city with a rich cultural heritage, where the ocean isnt far away.

Trujillo will enchant you with its nearby ruins, deep history and seafood cuisine. Delish! Nearby is the surf beach of Huanchaco, where you can test out the waves or relax and watch the world go by. Further out west of the city is Chan Chan, famous for being an endangered UNESCO world heritage archaeological site of Pre-Colombian ruins. Its sandy look is truly one of a kind.

Do you fancy some seafood? This is your time to try fresh delicacies from the Pacific Ocean, Peruvian style. If youre itching to try ceviche (several times a day if youre keen), Trujillo will be the spot. Ceviche is made with raw fish thats marinated in citrus and served with choclo (giant Peruvian corn), camote (sweet potato) and red onion for garnish. Savour the flavours, as this is something youll want to remember.

The ideal time to visit Trujillo is from April to November, fall, winter and the cusp of spring in Peru. You can spend anywhere between two and three days in Trujillo, as youll want to take some time to hit the beach and see the town.

Looking for a place to stay? Trujillo has lots of awesome hostels with affordable prices thatll keep your wallet happy.

My Friend Hostel will get you riding those waves in no time thanks to their on-site surf school!Their restaurant will also give you a taste of the regions delicious cuisine.

How many days: 3-4

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Best places to visit in the Highlands (Andes) in Peru

6. Arequipas historic streets

best places to visit in peru, cars driving through Arequipa's historic streets


Arequipa is one of the best cities in Peru to visit. Its somewhere I wish I had spent more time, so if you have the flexibility Id suggest seeing the city for two days and taking another few to have even more adventures in the region. Arequipa is the city of three volcanoes, and this is what makes it so unique. If youre in the mood for a city with a relaxing vibe, Arequipa is it. Wondering what to do in Arequipa? I recommend the city walking tour, because all the guides are so knowledgeable. Dont forget to tip!You can spend anywhere between one and three days here, depending if youll be side-tripping to Colca Canyon.

To get to Arequipa, you can fly or, if you want to be more eco-friendly, take a bus (there are many) or a shared ride.

I recommend I recommend Wild Rovers Arequipa hostel, its an excellent location close to all the downtown sights and its super social, which is great if youre travelling solo. Explore the other hostels in Arequipatoo!

How many days: 2-5

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7. Cusco

best places to visit in peru, street in cusco


Cusco is on every travellers dream Peru backpacking itinerary. Its undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in Peru, and soon youll see why!

Cusco is located at a rather high altitude, so an expert tip I can give is to use your first two days in Cusco to acclimatise. See how youre doing with your health before going on to Machu Picchu or attempting any physical activities like hiking. You can take historic tours of the architecture in Cusco, or you can see the plazas, churches and other buildings on your own. If you get lucky, you may see a parade or catch the beginning of a festival! Because theres so many things to do in Cusco, from enjoying the city itself to taking day trips to other locations in the Sacred Valley, you can spend upwards of three days to more than a week.

My favourite attraction in Cusco is a little bit outside the city, but completely accessible on your own or with a short half-day tour. Its the Incan ruins of Saqsaywaman, where I first saw the incredible Incan-style stonework that has kept these sites intact for so long. Saqsaywaman is a good way to spend half a day while youre based in Cusco, as the altitude is not much of a change from the city itself.

While youre in Cusco, you might notice that the food is unique. Have you ever heard of cuy? This is the Spanish way to say guinea pig, and while this dish is certainly not for everyone, its a local specialty that doesnt come cheap! If youve not yet booked a Machu Picchu trek or day trip, dont worry. You can book with your hostel or any tour agency in the city once you arrive.

A favourite hostel in Cusco is Loki Cusco. It has a great social scene, a courtyard for hanging out and great staff with lots of tips for travellers. There are some ultra-stylish hostels in Cusco, so take some time to explore them!

How many days: 3-8

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8. Machu Picchu

best places to visit in peru, two people standing overlooking machu picchu


Youve probably seen thousands of photos of the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. Its really a breathtaking place and is often the main inspiration behind travellers planning a Peru backpacking trip in the first place! To get to Machu Picchu, you can take a train to Aguascalientes (the base town), or you can trek from Cusco. Many travellers choose the adventurous option, but both are scenic in their own ways. The best tip for those wanting to go to Machu Picchu is to consider the time of year. Between January and April, the Andean region is rather rainy. Machu Picchu is not a good idea at all in February, when the Inca Trail closes due to poor conditions. The best months to visit are from April until October, when youre likely to have a sunny view and the best photo opportunities.

To see Machu Picchu itself, you only need one day. I recommend going with a guide rather than completely on your own, because this historic site has many intricate details that the expert local guides can explain best. My guide was memorable and awesome, making my visit to Machu Picchu much more unique than if I had taken myself around without any knowledge of the place. Within the designated park zone, there are two very steep hikes to take for an upper view of the ancient structures. My hike of choice was Machu Picchu Mountain, and against the rain, mist and altitude I had to work hard to get to the top. From the peak of this mountain within the national park, you can see even more of your surroundings, presuming you have ideal weather.

For a nights sleep while visiting Machu Picchu, youll want to stay at the town of Aguascalientes. Take a look at the hostels in Aguas Calientes to get inspired.

How many days: 1-2

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9. Colca Canyon (Caon de Colca)

best places to visit in peru, Indigenous woman selling textiles in Colca Canyon

Indigenous woman selling textiles in Colca Canyon,:@halfhalftravel

Colca Canyon doesnt seem to grab the same attention as Machu Picchu, which is peculiar, because its a magnificent natural wonder thats just waiting to be explored! This canyon, several hours outside Arequipa, is said to be deeper than the Grand Canyon of the USA. Many travellers opt to spend time in the larger cities and skip over this fantastic scenery, so take a dive and check it out. Whats beautiful about the canyon is its colours, deep ridges and wildlife. You can go for a multi-day trek with any operator referred by your hostel in Arequipa, or just opt for a day trip. Going for a single day will be tiring, as the day trip operators leave Arequipa in the dark at around 3am and arrive by morning to the canyon. Youll have the daytime to see the canyon and some markets along the way when stopping for meals, then by late afternoon youll be heading back.

How many days: 1 (4+ if hiking)

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Best places to visit in the Peruvian Amazon

10. Iquitos

best places to visit in peru, straw huts on stilts over the river in Iquitos

Prepare for Amazonia! Iquitos is the original entry city for travellers going in to the Amazon from Peru, so there are several different hostels to choose from. From Iquitos, you can explore the northern region of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, which is the main reason to go. There are so many trips you can arrange from Iquitos!Usually, your hostel will help you or will recommend preferred tour operators. You can choose adventures like spotting manatees, ziplining or visiting rare and threatened wildlife in designated natural reserves. I suggest spending between three and five days, if you have the time in your itinerary.

There are plenty of chilled-out hostels in Iquitos that are worth your attention. Green Track Hostel is a short walk from Plaza de Armas and is a relaxing oasis after a busy day of adventuring.

How many days: 3-5

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11. Puerto Maldonado

best places to visit in peru, rope bridge in Puerto Maldonado

Puerto Maldonado is the gateway to the southern Amazon region in Peru. Think of Peru like a letter C, with Puerto Maldonado being at the lower end of the curve. If youre looking for a quieter place to explore Peru over the hotspots of Cusco and the Sacred Valley, this region is for you. Its newer to the backpacker scene than Iquitos, so you can be the one to spread the word amongst your friends!

Puerto Maldonado isnt exactly a destination in itself, as its the starting point for the other adventures to have in the Amazon rainforest. Youll have a great chance of seeing local wildlife, including monkeys and capybaras. Keep in mind that life in Puerto Maldonado focuses around the river, so a cruise is a must-do!

You can arrive by bus or flight from various domestic airports. The best time to go is during May to September. You can spend between two and four days, depending how many activities you decide to engage in.

Looking for a hostel in Puerto Maldonado? Check out backpacker favourite Tambopata Hostel.

How many days: 2-4

Compare all hostels in Puerto Maldonado

12. Tarapoto

best places to visit in peru, person trekking through Tarapoto jungle

For a town not known by the typical traveller, Tarapoto packs in quite a surprise. Its less famed than Iquitos and hostelling is much newer to Tarapoto than to other places. So, why is it worth a visit?

Tarapoto is called Perus jungle paradise, because its a hub for Amazon exploring. It might also be your way into the Amazon region, or the way out. If you love nature, youll enjoy visiting the nearby Ahuashiyacu Waterfalls, going bird-watching, or rafting in the Mayo River. Visit during May to September for the driest weather. If you like being based in a jungle town and if wildlife is your vibe, youll want to spend anywhere between two and three days here.

In Tarapoto, stay at El Mural Hostel in a safe neighbourhood that will make you feel right at home.Check out the other hostels in Tarapoto too!

How many days: 2-3

Compare all hostels in Tarapoto

What did you think of these top places to go in Peru?

Id love to know what you thought of my ideas for the best places to travel in Peru, as this country is massive with different experiences for every kind of traveller. If youre still deciding where to visit in Peru, think about the types of activities you like doing, whether its hiking, camping or seeing historic ruins, and start there.

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