Last Week’s Thrifty Move

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Sorry I missed my Thrifty Moves post last week.  It has been a crazy last few weeks for me and time completely got away from me.  Sunday morning started out cool and sunny.  I opened up the windows and set the box fan at our back door to blow in the cool fresh air.  I was greeted by our Catalpa tree in full bloom.  It's so very pretty.  I began the day with a nice long walk and by the time I got home things were really starting to heat up.


I finally had a week off with no doctor's appointments and no testing and was determined to keep it that way.  Then my regular doctor wanted to see me on Tuesday even though I already have an appointment scheduled with her on the 6th of July so I politely declined.  Another doctor wanted me to do another test and again I pushed that one off too as it wasn't dire.  This girl needed a break, so I took one. 😊


The majority of the past two weeks has been spent going to work, keeping appointments as well as walking and riding my bike as often as possible.  The extreme summer heat we are experiencing right now is wreaking some havoc with my routines as well as any plans for camping trips, but we'll just have to wait it out and see what happens.  Right now I try to do as much as I can early in the mornings.


THINGS WE ATE IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS:  Egg saladsandwiches (keto), roast chicken sandwiches (keto), grilled hot dogs (keto), black bean soup, waffles (keto) & sausages, Italian sausage & peppers, grilled cheese sandwich (keto), sausage & broccoli egg casserole (keto), grilled hamburgers (keto).



Laundry Room & Half Bathroom - Scrubbed sink & toilet, vacuumed & mopped floors, washed rug.  Daily swish & swipe. 

Kitchen & Dining Room - Cleaned microwave, appliances & kitchen cabinets.  Cleaned dining room light fixture, chair rail & baseboards.  Vacuumed & mopped floors.  Daily swish & swipe. 

Bedrooms & Main Bathroom - Scrubbed tub & toilet, vacuumed & dusted.  Daily swish & swipe. 

Other - two large loads of laundry.  Cleaned doors.  Vacuumed & dusted living room, hallway & both entryways.  Swept front porch and garage.


THINGS I DID TO SAVE A SMALL BUNDLE OF $$:  Sunday I downloaded a digital store coupon for a FREE jar of pasta sauce.  So did my daughter so we now have two FREE jars of pasta sauce in our pantry.  On Saturday I downloaded a coupon for FREE pasta as did my daughter.  We now have two packages of pasta to go with the pasta sauce.  Free food.  Yay!


I trimmed my own hair and I think I did a pretty good job too.  I made two batches of foaming hand soap refill solution to top off our dispensers.  I added some water to an "empty" jug of laundry detergent and gave it a good shake which gave me enough soap for one more load of laundry.


THINGS I DID TO EARN EXTRA $$:  I sold more items on eBay as well as from my Etsy store.  Such a blessing! 😁  A friend of mine bought some eggs.  I will put money that toward the next bag of feed.


How was your thrifty week?