la la, Monday Monday....

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My girls are back from Norway, Miss Sonja K. and Miss Charlotte Claire!  And, they brought...

 Norwegian chocolate!

Charlotte Claire with Jonny and Sonja...together in Norway, he went to Germany from there, and will be there for a year!

Miss Char, skateboard girl.

Some garden snacks...

...and the pool...I LOVE it, just love love love it.

After physical therapy today, I found my way out there to the pool....ahh, so nice.

The week is shaping up to be busy:  dentist appointments tomorrow, babysitting Wednesday, PT again on Thursday, then Saturday, a birthday party for little Ruth, and her daddy, Samuel...his birthday is actually tomorrow.  Sam, my eighth child, 27 years old, how can that be?

My jet-lagged girls are napping the whole afternoon/evening away, they're not going to get back to any semblance of normal if they do that, but it's summertime...they had big lunches, and didn't have any input as to what they wanted for dinner, and I had a four o'clock snack (first meal of the day) of some bacon, a handful of cherries, and a spoonful of peanut butter.  I wasn't hungry either, but I moseyed into the kitchen around five, and... we have zucchini from the garden!  I had made zucchini muffins and bread the other day, and it was rather fun.  I decided to make keto muffins, and the regular zucchini bread, so I started chopping and grating...I left the kitchen around 7:30.  Between the clean up, and making myself three scrambled eggs for dinner,  wow.  (Paul had gone on a bike ride, then came in and made his own scrammies...Camille had toast with Nutella.  

I also ate two of the muffins, so good, hard to believe they're low carb!  

Her face, so cute.

Paul is going on a work trip on the week of our next scheduled camping trip.  He is not the trip scheduler, so he's going on the work trip.  That leaves me to either cancel, or go by myself with the girls here, and shh, they do not love camping, especially tenting.   I, on the other hand, love it.  I would RATHER have a camper, but I don't, so tenting is better than not camping at all.

Paul is the smart camper though.  He can put up a tent lickety split, and knows all the secrets to lighting the tricky camp stoves.   He can manage both Labradors at the same time, on their leashes.  I can barely manage one, especially if they know they're going to play fetch-the-stick-in-the-lake.  He is just calm-cool-collected, and so relaxed about everything.  

The last time we camped without him, we went up a day earlier than he did because he had to work, we put up the tent and one of the poles broke.  We had to string the elastic-y thing back through it like fifty seven times before we got it.  Of course when you're doing something like that, the bugs are biting and the sweat is dripping into your eyes.  Then we were trying to pound the tent stakes in with large rocks, and the sweet little boy in the site next to us asked his mommy if he could let us borrow their hammer/mallet thing, what a good idea, and it was his idea!  (Yeah, it's even more fun when you have an audience, they seemed to sense we didn't quite know what we were doing.)

Anyway.  I am sure we will manage somehow, I'll fire the girls to action by suggesting that maybe we just aren't as good at setting up camp because we're girls.    Hopefully that'll make them want to prove we can do it, ha.

I do love summer, even the heat, but oh dear, it's going to get more humid here...Thursday is supposed to feel like a hundred degrees...heat WITH humidity is a whole n'other game.  You drip and dribble and can't cool off because the air is wet, and you feel like you can hardly breathe, but you still have to clean and cook and do other things besides just float in the pool, ha.  We only have the one A.C. unit, in our bedroom window, which WILL be nice, but out here, oh no.  

Ah well.  There's always something, isn't there?