Khalid Al Jaber – Discovering the World on a Motorcycle

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Some individuals live lives blissfully ensconced in their comfort zones. They lead mostly trouble-free lives but lack the vital element that makes life enjoyable; adventure. Lacking this essential element of adventure, these individuals are unaware of the excitement they miss out on. And whether this exclusion of adventure is voluntary or involuntary, these individuals never experience the thrill of being challenged and tested to their limits. For some, that is a desirable form of existence, but for some individuals, that is the opposite of living a life fulfilled. These adventurous souls cannot imagine a life devoid of the thrill of going through an adventure. In the heart of an adventure lies the keen desire to venture into the unknown, leave the blissful safety of their comfort zone behind, and defy boring societal norms that demands staying put. For them, nothing is more important than discovering the world independently.

Motorcyclists belong to that category. These enthusiasts keep their riding kit cleaned and ready and their motorcycles tuned up for their next adventure. These individuals plan their lives around their future adventures instead of planning their trips around their regular lives. They have the passion and the mental stamina to bear hardships, which makes them stronger. They enjoy the hardship and physical strain that is part and parcel of a life spent seeking adventure and exploration riding on top of a motorbike. These individuals seek adventures when they can’t find one closer to home and go to lengths to experience such a thrill. Certain individuals have made riding for adventure a sole purpose in life. They aim to see the world with their own eyes and go to those faraway spots while riding their motorcycle. These adventurous trips beckon them, and they can feel the pull as a tangible element.

Some motorcyclists discover this need to seek adventure later in life. Their lives and responsibilities keep them unaware of such an existence. But once these individuals discover that beckoning, they turn their lives around and abandon the safety of their comfort zone in favor of a life full of adventure. They learn how to ride a motorcycle, how to plan an adventure, what to carry to support their adventure, and how to make repairs when needed. But some individuals dream of such a life from their childhood. And one such adventurer who has attained the childhood dream of discovering the world on a motorcycle is Khalid Al Jaber.

Khalid Al Jaber was born on July 16, 1977, and belongs to a well-established Qatari family of Islamic scholars. Khalid’s vision, however, was poles apart from his family’s professional background. Even from a young age, Khalid always dreamed of being an adventurer and that too as a motorcyclist. At just eight years of age, Khalid experienced his first on a motorcycle. This experience sparked a lifelong passion for being a motorcycle adventurer to tour the world on his own. This led to Khalid undertaking his first ride on his motorcycle at the tender age of 13. Khalid was much excited about discovering his true passion in life.

Khalid did not abandon his education in favor of following his life’s passion and put his efforts into developing an educational career. For his education, Khaled went overseas, specifically to London. Khalid earned his Bachelors in Computing Information Systems from Richmond, the American International University in London. Later, he completed his Master’s in Innovative Technology and Computer Crimes from the University of East London. Despite enrolling in a Ph.D. program at Portsmouth, Khalid ultimately decided to drop out and return to Qatar.

When Khalid returned to Qatar, he decided to initiate a professional career by working in a business firm. But like other adventurers, he didn’t find satisfaction in his chosen career. Something else beckoned him and promised him fulfillment that he sorely missed in his then choice of career. Khalid followed his grandfather’s sage advice, who told him to follow his dreams and passion. This spurred Khalid to quit his job after building enough savings to pursue his passion. Khalid started his bike adventures with short bike trips within the city. Progressing further, Khalid went on highway journeys and subsequently moved to intercountry travel. Khalid has traveled to various places on his bike, including Gulf countries, the Middle East, and Europe. Khalid has traveled to 90 countries on his motorcycle tours; from the Himalayan mountains to the Silk Road, he has traveled to numerous places on his bike. He traveled the length of North and South America from the top north of Alaska to the bottom south of Ushuaia, Argentina, becoming the first Arab to do so with Kevin Sanders, who set a Guinness world record cycling this journey in 35 days in 2003. He spent five months riding all around Algeria in collaboration with the Algerian tourism ministry.

Khalid Al Jaber, popularly known as Sindbad, is an inspiration for those who want to achieve their dreams but cannot do so. He is the younger brother of Hamad Al Jaber, a renowned Qatari Surgeon. Khalid is an adventurer who stays true to his passion and is a true example of a passionate individual willing to face adventure. He recently became the brand ambassador for Klim, a motorsports clothing manufacturing company.

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