‘I still miss that swimsuit’: Bridie O’Donnell on the item she most regrets losing

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What would she save in a fire, what’s her most useful object? And what of the swimsuit she misses? Bridie O’Donnell shares three special things

Bridie O’Donnell has enjoyed two very different careers. First, she worked as a medical practitioner. Then, in her mid-30s, O’Donnell made the sharp pivot to professional cycling, a field where she found great success. For six years, she travelled the world racing in the Australian national team and Italian professional squads.

O’Donnell eventually made the switch back to working full time in medicine, but she never really left the world of sport. In 2016, at age 42, she broke the women’s world record for the longest distance covered by bike in one hour. 2018 saw O’Donnell publish Life and Death, a memoir detailing her experiences as a cyclist in Europe. This year, Australia’s most unique slashie will again join the SBS commentary team for the Tour De France when it kicks off on Saturday 26 June.

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