I don’t realize until…

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(bra, shorts)

It was another spin and strength day on Saturday. Our spin bike has a new home and is in a much better spot than the laundry room. The only problem is that Andrew has to be careful when he comes out of the saddle because the ceiling is a little low, but other than that, this corner is perfect.

I need to hang some motivational pictures or quotes on these walls now.

I’m going for a run today, and I can’t wait. I was not eager to run for most of the last two weeks, and I’m happy I didn’t force it. I found my Garmin charger in my Boston luggage that I still haven’t unpacked.

I am so excited now for some running and more balanced meals again… I think this week we can start eating at home.

We had soccer games for most of Saturday.
And we also got to see my nephew compete in a track meet.
He. Is. So. Fast. I predict he will be running for BYU in a few years.
Brooke and Knox are catching up to my mom…

Eating out with a two-year-old:

Sunday morning, I started with this. Ross is my go-to on the Peloton app for yoga.
We were able to see Andrew during his break at work on Sunday, which made everyone’s day. Andrew is so happy already in his new job as an Organ Donor Coordinator. This was absolutely the right move for him.

Every spring, I am reminded that the winter is tough on my brain because I’m suddenly born again in the sunshine. Andrew and I will be moving to St. George eventually!

Happy May! Who has a race, anniversary, or birthday this month?

Unpack right away or wait a bit of time?

What was the last athletic event you went to?

Do you notice a mood shift from winter to spring?

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