How To Teach A Kid To Shave: A Guide For Men

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Shaving is one of the few things shared by every man on the planet. It's like a rite of passage – something every guy needs to learn to maintain a clean and stylish appearance.

Your dad taught you, his dad taught him, and so on since the dawn of the razor.

But what about the young men in your life? Whether he's your son, nephew, or younger brother – he will be looking for your help when it comes to learning how to shave. So you've got to know how to teach him properly.

#1 When Should You Teach A Kid To Shave?

how to teach a kid to shave

Most fathers teach their sons how to shave at some point in their lives, but there's no set age or time when this should happen. Some kids are ready to start shaving as young as 10 years old, while others may not be ready until they're a bit older – say, 12 or 13.

The most important thing is that you wait until your son is ready to learn how to shave. If he's not interested or comfortable with the idea of shaving yet, it's probably best to wait a little longer.

On the other hand, if he's been asking how to shave for a while and is eager to get started, then go ahead and teach him! He'll likely learn faster and have fewer bumps and cuts if he's excited about learning how to do it himself.

But when is the best time to teach a kid how to shave? Some fathers might wait until their son is a teenager, while others may start earlier. It all depends on the kid you're teaching – after all, everyone needs to start shaving at different stages in their young lives.

What Is The Average Age A Boy Learns To Shave?

how to teach a kid to shave

On average, boys learn how to shave around the age of 12 or 13. This can vary depending on when a boy starts puberty. Some boys start shaving as early as 10 years old, while others may wait until they're a little older.

There's no set age for when a boy should start shaving. It's more about listening to your son and following his cues. If he shows an interest in shaving, or if you notice hair growing on his face, it might be time to start teaching him how to shave.

Of course, every boy is different. Some boys may take to shaving right away, while others may need a little more time to get the hang of it. Be patient and help your son through the process. Before long, he'll be an expert at shaving, just like you!

Will Your Son Start Shaving At The Same Age You Did?

Genetics play a big part in a man's facial hair. However, even if you started shaving at a young age, it doesn't mean your son will too. On the other hand, even if you didn't start shaving until later in life, there's a chance your son could start sooner.

It all depends on when a boy hits puberty and how his facial hair grows. Some boys don't start shaving properly until they're closer to 16 or 17!

The best thing you can do is pay attention to how your son's facial hair is growing. Once you see hair on his face, it might be time to teach him how to shave correctly.

#2 How Do You Teach A Kid To Shave For The First Time?

how to teach a kid to shave

If you're teaching a kid how to shave for the first time, it's essential to be patient and go slowly. This is a new experience for both of you, so take your time and don't rush things.

The best way to start is by showing your son how to do it yourself. Let him watch you shave so he can see how it's done. This will give him a good idea of what he needs to do. If you can, explain to him what you're doing and how you're doing it – that way, he'll be able to understand the process better.

Once you've shown your son how to shave, it's time for him to have a go himself. Help him lather his face with shaving cream and hand him the razor. Show him how to hold it and how to make strokes with it. It's important that he takes his time and doesn't rush things – otherwise, he could end up cutting himself.

After he's made a few strokes look at how he's doing. If everything looks good, then let him keep going! If not, help him adjust his technique until he gets the hang of it.

Remember, this is all new for both of you. Go slowly and be patient – before you know it, he'll have no problem shaving his whole face without your assistance!

#3 What Razor Is Best For Kids Who've Just Started Shaving?

how to teach a kid to shave

When choosing a razor for a kid who's just starting to shave, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you'll want to ensure that the razor is comfortable for him to hold and use. It should be lightweight and easy to maneuver – shaving for the first time is tricky enough without dealing with an awkward-feeling razor.

Secondly, you'll want to choose a razor with a guard. This will help protect his skin from cuts and nicks. Many disposable razors come with guards, so these are usually a good option for kids just starting out. Think of a razor guard like the training wheels of a kid's bike – it's there to help him until he gets the hang of things and can go without it.

Finally, you'll want to make sure that the razor is sharp. A dull razor will pull at the hair rather than cut it, which can be painful and lead to ingrown hairs. On the other hand, a sharp razor will give a close shave with minimal irritation – perfect for a young man who needs all the help he can get!

So what's the best razor for a kid just starting to shave? It depends on your son and what he prefers. There are cartridge razors, electric razors, and even traditional safety razors – so take your time and find one that suits his needs.

My advice? Stick to a cartridge razor. While you might benefit from the precision of a safety razor, a cartridge razor is far better for novice shavers as it's much harder to cut yourself with one. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide is a great option – it's comfortable to hold, has a guard to protect against nicks and cuts, and is nice and sharp. Plus, it comes with a built-in trimmer which can be handy for those pesky hairs that pop up in the middle of his eyebrows!

Make sure you buy good-quality shaving cream, no matter what razor you choose. Many men forget how vital this step is, but trust me – your son will thank you for it when his face is nice and smooth after his first shave!

#4 What Shaving Products Are Best For First-Time Shavers?

dad teaching son to shave

As I mentioned above, a good quality shaving cream is essential for any first-time shaver. Look for a thick and creamy product, as this will help protect his skin from the razor. Avoid anything with too many chemicals or fragrances – these can irritate the skin.

Aftershave is another product worth considering, especially if your son has sensitive skin. It'll help to soothe any irritation and redness caused by shaving. Again, try to avoid anything with too many chemicals – instead, opt for an all-natural product like VITAMAN's After Shave Balm For Men.

When it comes to more niche products like shaving oils, pre-shave creams, and post-shave moisturizers, hold back on this for the moment. Learning to shave is a complex business, so you don't want to throw too many products into the mix! Once your son has got the hang of things, he can start experimenting with different products to find what works best for him.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about how to teach a kid to shave. It might seem daunting at first, but trust me – he'll be a pro in no time! Just take your time, be patient, and ensure you've got all the right products.

#5 Can Teaching A Kid To Shave Help You Bond With Them?

dad teaching son to shave

One of the best things about teaching a kid to shave is that it's an excellent opportunity to bond with him. It's a chance for you to share some of your wisdom and knowledge with them and help them navigate this new stage in their life.

It can be a challenging time for kids – they're growing up fast and starting to become more independent. Teaching them how to shave is just one way that you can show them how much you care.

It can be a fun experience, too – my dad always used to make shaving into a game when I was younger. He would challenge me to see how many strokes it would take me to get a close shave or who could do it the fastest. Those are memories that I'll always cherish.

So if you're looking for a way to bond with your son, nephew, or kid brother – teaching him how to shave is a great option. It's something that he'll remember forever, and it might even help him to become a better man in the future!

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Does every young man need help when learning to shave?

Yes, I think they do. Sure, they might have seen you do it a thousand times, but putting a blade to your face for the first time can be scary. Even if it's just a quick helping hand, most young men will appreciate the support when they first shave their face.

What razor is best for first time shavers?

I would opt for a cartridge razor. While a safety razor gives a better shave, a cartridge razor is far easier to use. Think of it like the training wheels of the shaving world.

Do I have to be a father to help a young man learn to shave?

Of course not. If you've got a younger brother or nephew who looks to you as a role model, then it's your duty to step up when he starts shaving. Just don't step on their father's toes! If their dad isn't around, then go ahead and help. If he is around, then maybe speak to him first.

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