Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

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The next gift guide I wanted to share is for the kids.  I was thinking elementary age kids or even tweens for this one and again lots of different interests and price points.

Here goes-

Bike Wheel Lights. Glow in the Dark/ Light Up stuff is so popular right now and these lights will fit onto a bike to make it glow at night.  It gets dark in Cali around 6pm in winter so lots of you might appreciate this for fun and for safety.

Fidget Pop It GameAll I know is that my daughter has a zillion of these things and this game version is the new trend.  It comes with dice and is a perfect slumber party game or we will likely take it on trips and to tournaments as it is light and compact to pack.

Squishmallow . These are super popular with my daughter and her friends- they are so soft and cute and come in a variety of animals/shapes/things.  I have the pineapple under the tree for my daughter.

Telescope for Kids. This could be a really cool idea for a kid that is into science or astronomy or space.

Pillow Slippers. My girls wear Adidas slides most of the time but these pillow slippers are super comfortable, come in a ton of colors and are great for house shoes, dance, sports or just more comfy alternatives to flip flops.

iScream Ear Buds. A less expensive alternative to AirPods.  These come in a few patterns.

Bracelet Making KitMy older daughter is constantly making bracelets and she loves these beads.

Mermaid Lamp. Such a pretty bedside night light/lamp.

Harry Potter Pop Up. A fun and intricate pop up book that is perfect for Harry Potter fans. I think this owl blanket would be perfect with the book.

Hooded Blanket. A few fun options for blankets for kids.  Perfect for movie night or car trips.

Capture the Flag . This looks so fun- glow in the dark game pieces and a really fun idea for parties or groups.

Inflatable Gymnastics Mat. A pricier gift but for a gymnast or dancer or tumbler this could be really amazing.

Gaming Keyboard. A fun keyboard for gamers or for homework stations.

Hot Cocoa Bar. Ok I debated including this because this thing is so cute but it keeps selling out.  I bought this for my 12 year old just as a fun little inexpensive thing.  If you can’t find it another option would be this cute hot cocoa bomb kit.

Bucket Hat. Tons of colors and styles and super popular with my daughter’s 7th grade crew.

Sky Light Projector.  I bought this last year for my teenager and we have used it a ton since last Christmas.  With the push of a button you can illuminate your ceiling to look like the night sky.  She doesn’t love a super dark room at night so this has been perfect.  The LED strip lights are so popular but this Sky Light is way less commitment- another option is the super popular Vine Twinkle Lights.  I think every kid on Tik Tok has these in the background.

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